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10 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

When you think of coconut oil, what is the first image that comes to mind? Hair oiling. I know. We mistakenly think that coconut oil can only be used for head massages. BUT, here are 10 amazing uses for coconut oil that can certainly make you healthy, save you money on expensive beauty products. And of course, make you pretty fabulous. Naturally!


1. Coconut Oil, as an eye-makeup remover. I use it to remove not only make up but also to massage my eyes. Its a great way to relax your tired face and release stress from the eye brow points. Just take some oil on hand, and gently rub on your face. It will take off all the make up from your face sweetly and leave your skin extremely soft

2. To help increase sun tolerance and avoid burning. Yup! This actually helps. Summer is just around the corner, after spring and you will need some oil massage on face to act as a sun block! 

3. Use on hands after doing dishes to avoid dry skin! Amazing!

4. Rub into elbows daily to help alleviate dry, flaky and dark elbows! This helps hydrate your skin and make it soft. 

5. It is an immediate source of energy when eaten that isn’t stored as fat. Just add a small teaspoon of edible coconut oil in coffee or food. And voila! You are on the way to Energy Hills!

6. Use it as a mouth wash! Don’t swallow it though. And your breath will smell goody good!

7. This one’s for men especially, and those ladies who actually shave their legs! (no joke. some do) Use as a natural shave cream and after shave lotion. 

8. Rubbed on lips as a natural chap stick! Oooh la la! Get baby lips!

9. Coconut oil can also be used to help sooth the itch of chicken pox or poison ivy

10. So you want white teeth, too? Easy peasy! By itself or with baking soda, coconut oil can be used as a naturally whitening toothpaste.

See, There are many uses for coconut oil that we just didn’t know before. If you also have some tip to share about coconut oil, Feel free to enlighten me. Drop your comments below, and share with me which use of coconut oil you find more interesting! 

Have a healthy life! 🙂

  • I know these because my mom is a huge fan of organic coconut oil! She also uses this as a leather polish, season her cast iron pan, condition her chopping boards, and prevent stretch marks among other things. I suppose the list is endless!