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12 Positive Affirmations for that Dream Job

Want to know a secret to a successful passionate life? Of course, you do. Who wouldn’t love a prosperous and a joyful life. I know I do! So do we all. And here’s my little secret!

“Be happy, and ridiculously, optimistic”.

I know it sounds easier said than done, but who said that things said easily are difficult to do anyway? It is only our belief systems that either make us, or hinder us. 

Recently, I have been hearing a lot from people how they totally find me a positive influence on them, how I light up the so called proverbial room, that my energy moves things all around me, that they envy how I go about my day, and on many levels, inspire others to have a good feeling lifestyle. But this habit of being warm fuzzy positive bug isn’t achieved overnight. Once you get the hang of it, you really rock at it. The moment I accepted I was born a positive pure energy being, like you all are born, I found the secret to tap into the success that slowly but surely, and sometimes, magically faster, zaps itself into your life and comfortably stays there, as long as you maintain the good positive energy vibes. And as you know, “Your vibe attracts your tribe”, opportunities to be more happier, healthier and wealthier, come in abundance, too.

You might wonder, as to where to begin from. It is too simple and easy.

Know Thyself. Once you know who you are, what you like, and what are your preferences, accept it.

Accept yourself. Be who you are and we all are nothing but love, darling! Love in different forms. Done that? Good.

Now any subject that is of importance to you, be specific and clear about it. In today’s post, the subject  is “Work/Career”. I love  working in a a creative environment, holding a prestigious job title. I even love working from home because I simply love the freedom of being my own boss and as I am sifting through the diverse opportunities of working as a freelancer, I also miss the “office”, so called, getting up in the morning and getting ready to go to work kind of feeling with great financial freedom that I once had. But it wasn’t enough, which is why I left my job in the first place, to gain more personal happiness and prosperity. So I sat down and started thinking about what kind of a work would really hold me this time. And after choosing the desired fields,  understanding my own interests, I jotted down the following points along with some positive affirmations.

My work/job priorities are:

  • Great working environment
  • Generous & friendly boss/colleagues. Vibrant and creative minds.
  • Reasonable working hours (So I can have plenty of time for my hobbies, health and adventures)
  • And the best and generous salary package in the field.

Ever since I have become clear about what kind of work makes me use my abilities and what work commitments would really suit my lifestyle, sifting and sorting through work opportunities and bagging them has become very easy. The day is not far when I’ll be having an empire of my own, where I would love to assemble up a team of most creative, nice and brilliant minds, and we would be doing the most inspiring, and meaningful work together. Till then, I am really enjoying my stepping stone collaborations with amazing people that will lead me to my ultimate dream.

For your own clarity, do the same exercise. Narrow down what matters to you in terms of comfort level, what brings you joy and passion and that wa wa voom feeling! And when clear, develop positive thoughts about your intended desire or goal. Here are some positive thoughts that I think of, for energy and feeling of worthiness.  Feel it, bathe in it, and expect absolutely the most joyful experiences ahead.

I deserve to have a successful career, and I accept it now.

My work makes a difference.

It’s a beautiful thing, when a career and a passion, come together.

An exciting new career prospect is on it’s way to me.

My work fulfills me, and allows me to prosper.

I am capable of incredible things.

I am appreciated, and valued, wherever I work.

I absolutely LOVE my work, and love the people I work with.

I work in style, earn in style, and live in complete happiness. 

I am appreciated and treasured at workplace.

My job brings me immense pleasure, success, satisfaction and wealth.

I am a productive individual, leading a meaningful and zesty life! 


And of course, you can build on and on, adding more affirmations and positive feeling thoughts to your belief system as you go along. You’ll love it, I promise!

May you all never settle for anything less than extraordinary!



  • I love that you’re seen as a positive influence, I really enjoyed this post and will definetly put it to work!