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6 things to learn from Children of Heaven

I just finished watching Children of Heaven, and I must admit, this movie never gets old. No matter how many times I have watched it, it still doesn’t fail to move me to tears at the ending. But today I learnt new things during the show and I found new meanings in the screenplay. Maybe because I am high on emotional intelligence these days or maybe its the silence of the night that made me devote all my attention to the film. 

I learnt this.

1- Love can substitute for every shoes in the world. Every dress, every food, every house, every dream. But the material things in return can never replace love. Never.

2- When you are with the right people, who love you and trust you; you are strong. You can survive anything. Even if you lose a job, or lose roof over head because you couldn’t pay the rent, or lose a pair of shoes. Which Ali and his sister lost. 

They survived still. Because they had each other. They had love & support.

3- Iranian men; in real or on cinema screen, are the same. They have this sense of self respect (Khud-daari) that makes them appear protective of their pride and women. They want to do things, on their own, without your help. And they want to be looked upon as Alpha male at home. As far as protectiveness over women goes, I noticed the same thing in Makkah, when I used to observe Iranian couples there who had come for pilgrimage. The way these men moved with their women in crowds, the way they held out their arms around them so their wives can circumambulate around the kaaba easily without any men bumping into them, and same body language in bazaars. It showed how protective they are. They have gentlemen manners. Majority is like this, if not all. 

4- Iranian movies, especially the ones made by the likes of Majid Majidi, touch you on  deeper emotional levels. You feel things during the show, and when you wake up tomorrow, you don’t just forget how they made you feel. It would remain with you. You have felt those things for life. 

5- In one of the scenes, in the middle of the film, we see Ali taking some soup over to the neighbor’s place. In return the kind old man give Ali something to eat. Ali doesn’t want to take it but he insists as elders do and hands it over to him as a thanks for the soup he brought over.

I loved this gesture! I mean, its just way too pure. I remember when I was a kid, and my grandmother’s friends used to do the same with me. Every time when I would go over with a plate of rice or something something to give to them made by my grandmama, the kind ladies in return would shower me with kisses first, then prayers and then put a handful of sweets in my pocket.

Why don’t people do it anymore? I don’t see people giving sweets to kids any longer. This tradition is  rare now. Almost extinct.

6- And finally. The last most serious point learned!

I realized I have a huge crush on foreign traditions. Especially the ones that involve food. I love those sugar cubes Iranians use for tea.

Persian Tea Set

 Turkish use the same. And I want to buy those. I swear when Ali’s father was cutting the sugar cubes in the movie, I wanted to extend my hand and grab some from him.

That’s all.

I am glad I watched this movie again tonight. MayGod make us grateful for every pair of sneakers, joggers, sandals, and everything that we have in our closet. Ameen.