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7 mistakes bloggers make

They are not just mistakes. These are sins.

We all have been guilty of turning our once active and productive blogs into dormant and poorly maintained sites. I am myself, guilty of some injustice done to my online space. These mistakes result in loss of traffic, in many cases; loss of income, and also the loss of inspiration to become someone , to share something good with the world.  How and why we do this? Following are the deadly 7 mistakes, and notes on how to do something about them.

Mistake # 1- Letting Personal Life affect your blog

Life isn’t all rosy. It is not so bad either. There are good days and bad days. We all know this. And its okay, to feel emotionally down. But it becomes a problem when bloggers let personal life affect their professional life. Easy said then done but this is true. I myself shut down every activity on blog when I am having personal life crisis or just too busy dealing with everything personal. The best we can do is, attend to personal and professional lives separately and maintain balance. I know it’s hard to smile when things are going strange in life, but blogging doesn’t mean you are betraying your mood. Its simply a job. Whatever happens, wake up, wash your face, and post on blog first, and be sincere with your work and passion. Its not easy but as long as we keep on neglecting our passions, our blogs that we pay for on yearly basis,  nothing great will happen.

Mistake # 2- Making it all about you

Abstain from sharing too much personal stuff on blog. I know some blogs out there are running solely on the basis of personal stories. Vlogs are great example of this, where even bedroom tours are a great source of income. I have personally shared many posts on blog where I voiced my deepest fears, joys and musings on life. But is it really worth it? The reality is, our audience isn’t interested in knowing how we are feeling. They already have their own thoughts going on. So instead of focusing on “Me, me me” on blog, Share most on things that are beneficial for the readers. Moreover, sharing personal information online is never really safe. If there’s any highly intelligent opinion that you have, and you feel you must share it. Then again, improvise and don’t always make it about yourself. Remember, a blog that has the potential to earn for you isn’t your sob diary. Its your message to the world. A platform where you are providing some sort of services.

Mistake # 3- Spending too much time on just “planning” a post

Another mistake that most bloggers make is taking too much time to plan a post. They are obsessed with perfection. As a result, the planning that takes place in head stays in head. And never makes it out to the world. 

Mistake # 4- Acting like non professional blogger

When you are addressing your audience. You are the Expert. Remember to always retain your place like that. Nobody wants to hear a nobody. We all seem to follow someone who knows what he or she is talking about. So develop your voice in such way, and always address your readers with expert level insight. Act professional.

Mistake # 5- Expecting the audience to understand your life

This is a mistake that is more like a shoot off of mistake # 2. No matter how hard your life is, you cannot expect your audience to be your pillow. Deliver them what you promised them. And that’s it. If its not them that you are serving, and you have decided to be a blogger for the sake of passion, then deliver to yourself what you promised. And half your problems related to content creation would disappear.

Mistake # 6- Not socializing on blog-sphere 

90% of the times, only those bloggers reach back to your blog, who found you on their site , passing a great comment. In simple words, the more you socialize on internet among bloggers, the more bloggers would come and visit your site. One of the worst mistakes that bloggers make are: they just post on their blog, and after it, expect a huge number of comments. But this is not how it works. Feedback is gained when you are kind enough to give your own feedback to others, and in doing so, make connections.

Mistake # 7- Not taking time to respond to your readers ‘on time’

If you are slow or absolutely not at all interested in replying back to your readers, they will never visit you again. Mark my words. Replying to your readers is happy engaging with them and it indirectly sends them a signal that you appreciate their visit. A simple thanks, with a smile, would do wonders. 


Creating good content is always a priority for the quality bloggers, so I can understand that when we are busy or just not in the right state of mind, its hard to come up with the fire to blog. But sometimes, its more about online survival. And if you push yourself to do it as its right thing to do, you’ll be able to run your blog with all its glory. 

There are thousand noises around me. My family is extremely lost in some television show and there’s no quiet spot in my home right now where I can sit and just think about everything strange in life. But the reason I am here to blog is because I pay to keep this site up. And blogging professionally demands discipline which I must deliver. Hard to master, but take little steps. And its a possibility. 

  • Excellent post Pari! So true, I’ve been guilty of not posting when life gets busy. Just got to suck it up and do it as I always feel better after writing.

    • Khanum

      Humaira, Thank you for your lovely visit. I am glad you could relate to this post.
      Now do me a favor, quickly. Please do something about your comment form. I cannot comment there, infact many of us can’t unless we have squarespace account. And majority of bloggers use Disqus comment form now.
      Have loads to comment at your blog!!

      • I shall endeavour to serve, thanks for letting me know 🙂

      • Add Disqus now!

  • I’m definitely guilty of mistake # 1!

  • Malaika Hasan

    These tips are so helpful especially if you’re a newbie to blogging.I love your personality so much <3

    • Khanum

      Thank you 🙂 Alhamdulillah.