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A story unpredictable

Okay so, this is going to be a — unpredictable post for you as well as for me. Cause I have no idea what the heck im going to mutter here and write down. I haven;t slept from past 24 hours or so — because im having a weird condition where the body wants to rest but mind is saying no. Insomnia perhaps anyways, I have to run for the day and face my professor for the final combat on research work, so before that I am here , with crazy thoughts , weird story in my head and the time is 8:30 in the morning. *Just for the record, I am not on drugs I assure you I just took a panadol which somehow made me restless and I always speak gibberish when im on flu drugs or bla blu medicine.*

Lets get done with the story time!


uh wait – m feeling sleepy now. ill take a nap of an hour before I leave for university and I’ll finish this post when I will b back. I’ll edit it. Promise.

please silently wait for me my unknown fauj of followers who enthusiastically followed me but don’t bother passing a comment! Oneday – someday , I will hunt you all down you Cyber Traitors!

  • Raheel Adnan

    Haha, I am not a ‘faithful’ follower but the last couple of lines made me type at least something here. 😀

    • Ah Thankyou so much. Ure saved from the curse now.

  • LOL!! Khanum needs help!! BIG TIME! 😛

  • those flu medicines work?? my doctor used to say that if i take the medicine, the flu would be over in a week otherwise it would end in 7 days:p

    • panadol CF works for me too strong 🙂