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Awards Night! Awards Delight!

Nadia Masood on Best Travel Musings 🙂

and one more award on Cutest Omani Bakri post Ever!


Next Award For Tien 🙂 Your Blog is infotainment package!!! I award You :

AND One more Star:


Smiley Sparklings 🙂 I love the way you write! I award You with :


The Special Award of Tonight,  is to a dear and Talented Blogger upon his tremendous Blogging Idea! Dear Mezba, Accept this award. 🙂


The Last Two awards of the night but not the least go to , The Verbal Fiend 

and D.. upon their nice blogging post every Time. You  have blogs with substance and I’m glad to be in touch with You.

Have  a Blessed Day , all of You and keep blogging good. 🙂 Delighted and honored to be with such women on wordpress.

  • Thank you Khanum (or is it Pervisha?), although you have to make ONE correction – I am a guy! 🙂

  • @MEZBA. m really s0rry. All the time ive been thinking the opp0site. I apologize. Yes, my first name is Pervisha.

  • Awwh, Thank you so much sis! 😀
    What a lovely lovely surprise!
    Hope you’re well and having a lovely Friday.
    Stay smiling!

    • Welcome my sister in Islam!!! 🙂 U deserved it.

  • Oh, thank you, thank you Pervisha! Two badges, yayyy!! I am so honoured *hugs* 🙂 Congrats to Nadia, Smiley, Mezba, Verbal Friend and Danielle too!!

    • Welcome welcome welcome more my dear Tien 🙂 U deserved it.

  • Thank you so much Pervisha, if I may call you that :D. I am so happy that you enjoy my blog. I enjoy your blog also, and glad that we can be in touch.
    Congratulations to Nadia, Tien (go girl, two awards, woohoo 🙂 :)), Smiley, Mezba and Verbal Friend, you all have wonderful blogs.

    • Yes u may Call me Pervisha as others do 🙂 and u’re most welcome. Congrats again. U deserve many more.

  • I LOVE THE AWARDS!!! They’re simply the bestest ones I’d ever received. What makes them even more special is the fact that you created them yourself.

    The ‘Best Bakri Post’ award is too hilarious! And I am totally sad for the rest of the award recipients, who are clearly green with envy right now, for not being able to receive this award. Sorry guys… the bakri award is mine.

    Both of these awards are going up on my shelf asap.

    Oh, and congrats to everyone else who won! You guys totally deserve it!

    Thank you so much, Pervisha *hugs*

  • M so glad u loved these awards! yup. I created all ov them xcept the last one. Ibn batuta award suits u s0 well. Congratulati0ns again sister.

  • And though I had won the Who-has-got-the-m0st-cutest-bakri c0mpetiti0n, I awarded u to make the p0st mem0rable. Lol

    • Yeah, yeah. I still haven’t forgiven you for winning the Who-has-got-the-m0st-cutest-bakri competition!

  • Congrats to y’all 😀

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  • sana

    Congrats to all of you for getting these awards .These are really nice.