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By the Sea of Marmara…

You don’t ever realise the importance of being with someone special from your family, more than at times like this, when you witness a sunset alone – sitting in a restaurant where you just finished your dinner with a bunch of ‘strangers’ on a trip with you to Istanbul.

I utterly felt someone’s missing by my side during the whole journey…

The view is beautiful and mesmerizing , isn’t it? Its like a pathway of golden dust made upon waters… I could not get enough of it. Just wanted to dive into the waters and swim like a mermaid deep deep….

I hope to visit Istanbul one more time in life, ameen, just to rub off that feeling ‘alone by the sea’ : )

  • These pictures are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks For dropping by : ) Hope you and ur captain’s well?!…

  • Masha’Allah..the pics are amazingly stunningly beautiful!! 🙂

    • Shukriya Nasmira : ) , pictures are just pictures, the real beauty is out there..
      Thanks for dropping by : )

  • docaks

    That’s my city you captured , I like the second picture, your blog & you.
    I absolutely understand solitude at such crowded places

    • Masha Allah, that’s alot of praising .
      Thank you ..
      Welcome to the blog!

      • docaks

        Pleasure is all mine. I quite admire your blog and your personality. Glad to meet you Khanum, call me Firat

      • docaks

        May I know when you visited Istanbul ? Did you visit the great topkapi palace there and other historical places ?

        • Last July. Yes, I did visit many places including the great Topkapi Palace.