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Live up to speed with who you really are: The best of you

Originally written in summers, probably in June or July.

Bumblebee. Happy bumblebee. Ooo I like saying this word.

Do you often see the quotation, “Be the best version of yourself” and really feel it resonate within you, but do not know what is it or how can you possibly be the best version of yourself on a more stable basis? Here is a positive dose for you fresh from the oven of my inspired life.

Who am I? is perhaps the most pondered upon and the oldest question in philosophy. A question that if you seriously sat down to think about, would make you realize that it has no bottom.  And usually when humans fall into the hole of deep thinking well, with no bottom at all, a sense of pessimism engulfs them.

I have been there. A hundred times. And I have done that right, perhaps only a few times. But out of that well, when you emerge, you come out a victor no matter what you have learnt about yourself. So, today morning when I saw a post shared by a friend on Facebook, that spoke about a positive message for those who feel confusion about where are they in life, I instantly knew what my answer for that is and wanted to speak my two cents.

Who am I? I am many things. We all are many things. Many things wonderful. But who are we on the core level is the same for all of us; we are brilliant human beings capable of great love. Capable of great goodness and our purpose is to create glee and live joy in this life time on planet Earth, to share it with others, to like for others what we would like for ourselves. Our calling is to be the best of who we are and lead a ridiculously fulfilling, authentic, fun and one satisfying life. But why then, is it sometimes almost like a battle to live a positive life? Comparison is a thief of joy, so is depression, sadness and complaining. Also, when you do not embrace who you are, spiritually, physically and mentally, you feel a gap between where you are and how you would like to be or want to be. So in a way, you are your own enemy, there are no others.

I expressed in my last post how people find me totally a good positive influence and it has really become my true radiating energy. When I say this, it doesn’t mean I do not face blues or face energy fluctuations. As it happens, I am a human like you all, and next you know what I mean, but because of my constant love and pull for the wonderful life around me, I do manage to get back up on my feet after facing some blues.  In other words, when I connect to the positive energy within me, I am on my path. I am with my best self and smiling.  And because I am beginning to understand my energy and commit to it more on a daily basis, I recently received a positive comment from a friend who said she loves me for encouraging her to live positive. I had been meditating for awhile and I realized, okay, this is another best part of me that something I have to live up to speed with and when it came to uplifting another person, I regained some of my own perspective. Isn’t that wonderful how the so called teacher also gets to learn in the process? In this way, we all are students.

It is very  important to recognize who am I (you are love and light), and then maintain your connection with your own higher self (the best of you, not the perfect you but the best you) in a successful way and live the way you want to live. At first it seems all wishy washy and a daunting task, but there is great power and happiness in recognizing your core. Make a habit of meditating daily. Never ever, underestimate the power of  meditation and finding your balance. It is like that calibration system often found in smart phones. Same way, meditation provides you opportunity to find balance and recognize your energy. All is well. To sum it all up:

1- When you are centered, the world is your oyster. There is much love and happiness and sincerity to go around in this world. You have to see this all through the eyes of your higher self. There is happiness beyond any measures and abundance beyond your imagination. You can always choose your peace. Peace, not resignation.

2- When you see someone happy, living the best of life that they have created, and you feel glad for them, you are seeing them through the real higher self eyes. Your energy is purest and highest when you are being real loving you. It is also when you have truly mastered your connection with your self and it is a sign that your own happiness is flowing towards you and through you and you do not radiate hate at all. It is all love. Pure love. 

3. Whenever someone is living the best of their lives, appreciate it. Celebrate it with them. it only means they have mastered the art of living happily, and are living up to speed with who they are. If you are not where you wanted to be, it is not because what you want isn’t there, no one is keeping anything away from us, it is only when we repel it ourselves and not live up to speed with our own desires and aspirations or just choose to feel anxiety instead of peace. Listen to the voice inside you that is always fun, always good, always sincere and always pointing you towards the direction where your bliss is. That voice is God, guiding you gently and telling you, chin up. You are not alone in this.

So make a resolution today not to let any negative emotion cripple you or keep you away from being who you are. Embrace positive vibes. There is great magic in optimism. It is your true energy. In fact, it is the only true energy.  Rest of the versions are just shadows, often created by negative emotions over time and perpetuated. 

Smile and B.e.l.i.e.v.e.

Blemishes are beautiful too.

A lot of things are going on in my mind right now, 

1- The big canvas that I just ruined.

2- My dreams.

3- And my own voice that has been living inside my head for a long now, trying to gracefully manage it all. But I guess, it is okay to speak about it all. 


I just came across a video on Facebook this morning, and the information I learned through that video hit me deep.

Effects of Depression & Anxiety

1- Depression makes one so tired 24/7. Anxiety keeps you awake 24/7.

2- Depression makes you have no motivation. Anxiety makes you feel terrible for not doing anything.

3- Depression pulls you one way, anxiety pulls you another.

4- Anxiety keeps you from having good relationships. Depression makes you not care.

5- You have constant arguments with yourself..

You see, ‘Depression & Anxiety’ are so subtle sometimes, that you don’t really realize they have been a part of you until you understand the signs or watch a video on it.  In fact, even if you do realize, you try to shrug it off in order to live in denial, for the sake of appearing composed and calm. Does this make any sense? For me, not being able to paint this morning was an alarming sign. Art enters people’s heart through sadness. My case is totally opposite. Happiness and love around me makes me and my ability to paint radiate.The amazing thing of all is, so many of us are going through it on daily basis. So many of us, yet we keep it all inside. That is really brave. Yet, I need to tell myself first and foremost, and then anyone else, that it is also very fearful and not a healthy way to live.

Where does that lead us? I searched online how to cope with it all. And the best and most practical advise was, “talk about it with someone you want to share it with,  talk, talk and talk.” And that’s the main problem. We are not encouraged in our society to talk about our problems in an open way. We are not given a space apart from “online” world, to have a conversation with someone face to face about it and just don’t let it eat you. 

My conversation with someone in the morning came to my mind. I realized I wanted to talk about something, and the person wanted me to further suppress my  already suppressed ‘depression & anxiety’ in that particular moment and save it for later. I see the same thing around me at home sometimes, when I want to talk but no one is actually interested in sitting down and having a heart to heart. The love is big. The love is really big, but something is missing inside all of us. It seems like we all are running away from real life and in an attempt to reach the happy cloud, we are just not being there for each other in times when we really do need to be there. The result is, people have to pay to therapists and get more depressed because therapists are not people who matter to us personally.

Is it not a part of being a human to be not so perfect and let each other, your parents, your friends, your colleagues, your every possible intimate connection know that wait, listen to this, can you listen? Can you feel this wave crashing at my sanity shore and making me feel like I need to rise and speak and speak but my own ears aren’t listening? Can you listen to it for me and prove to me we all are humans, we all are here to feel not just bravery but fears too. We all are here not to just win, but lose too. We all here not to just always appear strong but weak too? We wouldn’t be humans if we deny ourselves all the darker emotions along with the sparkly ones. 

I do not know what am I going to do in the next moment, the next hour, or tomorrow. But I am telling myself in this moment, that I need to be myself. And to be myself, I have to tell myself that it is okay to feel all you are feeling and not try to be perfect. Do things right, respect all, be honest, and be kind. But not to just others, but also to yourself. So it is okay to not feel okay sometimes. Stand in this moment, do not be so still that you are considered a dead, do not move so fast that you are deemed as reckless. Just stand, look at your hands and pray, you were brought here for a reason. 

I don’t think I have ever publicly admitted that I think I am depressed, or suffering through some anxiety. But that’s exactly my point: we hide the parts of us we ought to be revealing, to live authentic lives. We forget, blemishes are beautiful too. We forget.

I am going to publish my unpublished post next that was written in between May or June. My natural human anxiety made me play it down. I owe myself and my thoughts this honor to have them published without any judgement from my own inner critic. 


12 Positive Affirmations for that Dream Job

Want to know a secret to a successful passionate life? Of course, you do. Who wouldn’t love a prosperous and a joyful life. I know I do! So do we all. And here’s my little secret!

“Be happy, and ridiculously, optimistic”.

I know it sounds easier said than done, but who said that things said easily are difficult to do anyway? It is only our belief systems that either make us, or hinder us. 

Recently, I have been hearing a lot from people how they totally find me a positive influence on them, how I light up the so called proverbial room, that my energy moves things all around me, that they envy how I go about my day, and on many levels, inspire others to have a good feeling lifestyle. But this habit of being warm fuzzy positive bug isn’t achieved overnight. Once you get the hang of it, you really rock at it. The moment I accepted I was born a positive pure energy being, like you all are born, I found the secret to tap into the success that slowly but surely, and sometimes, magically faster, zaps itself into your life and comfortably stays there, as long as you maintain the good positive energy vibes. And as you know, “Your vibe attracts your tribe”, opportunities to be more happier, healthier and wealthier, come in abundance, too.

You might wonder, as to where to begin from. It is too simple and easy.

Know Thyself. Once you know who you are, what you like, and what are your preferences, accept it.

Accept yourself. Be who you are and we all are nothing but love, darling! Love in different forms. Done that? Good.

Now any subject that is of importance to you, be specific and clear about it. In today’s post, the subject  is “Work/Career”. I love  working in a a creative environment, holding a prestigious job title. I even love working from home because I simply love the freedom of being my own boss and as I am sifting through the diverse opportunities of working as a freelancer, I also miss the “office”, so called, getting up in the morning and getting ready to go to work kind of feeling with great financial freedom that I once had. But it wasn’t enough, which is why I left my job in the first place, to gain more personal happiness and prosperity. So I sat down and started thinking about what kind of a work would really hold me this time. And after choosing the desired fields,  understanding my own interests, I jotted down the following points along with some positive affirmations.

My work/job priorities are:

  • Great working environment
  • Generous & friendly boss/colleagues. Vibrant and creative minds.
  • Reasonable working hours (So I can have plenty of time for my hobbies, health and adventures)
  • And the best and generous salary package in the field.

Ever since I have become clear about what kind of work makes me use my abilities and what work commitments would really suit my lifestyle, sifting and sorting through work opportunities and bagging them has become very easy. The day is not far when I’ll be having an empire of my own, where I would love to assemble up a team of most creative, nice and brilliant minds, and we would be doing the most inspiring, and meaningful work together. Till then, I am really enjoying my stepping stone collaborations with amazing people that will lead me to my ultimate dream.

For your own clarity, do the same exercise. Narrow down what matters to you in terms of comfort level, what brings you joy and passion and that wa wa voom feeling! And when clear, develop positive thoughts about your intended desire or goal. Here are some positive thoughts that I think of, for energy and feeling of worthiness.  Feel it, bathe in it, and expect absolutely the most joyful experiences ahead.

I deserve to have a successful career, and I accept it now.

My work makes a difference.

It’s a beautiful thing, when a career and a passion, come together.

An exciting new career prospect is on it’s way to me.

My work fulfills me, and allows me to prosper.

I am capable of incredible things.

I am appreciated, and valued, wherever I work.

I absolutely LOVE my work, and love the people I work with.

I work in style, earn in style, and live in complete happiness. 

I am appreciated and treasured at workplace.

My job brings me immense pleasure, success, satisfaction and wealth.

I am a productive individual, leading a meaningful and zesty life! 


And of course, you can build on and on, adding more affirmations and positive feeling thoughts to your belief system as you go along. You’ll love it, I promise!

May you all never settle for anything less than extraordinary!



Lunching munching these days & good reads

If you want me to love you. You must love food & books.  ๏€„ 

Why? Because I lurve them! … And because … I would  probably judge you on your choice of books and zauq for eating.

What is more enjoyable than food and having a good book in hand. I prefer this more than having the company of people. In fact, I can party alone with tasty food itself without any other human around. Spend my entire day reading something than be out there with people. And that is exactly what I have been doing lately: trying out new things whenever I get tired at my workplace. I either eat something new or read something new. Since eating delicious things puts me in good mood and I do have a thing to taste everrrry new food item before me, I have made it my mission to keep my lunching munching and reading records and tell you how it actually tastes. Should you spend money on it, or forget about it all together. This job, it’s delicious fun. Expensive on my pocket but boy! Does it excite me or what!

The books on my currently reading list are Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, The Poisonwood Bible, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Book of Questions by Pablo and more that I would lurve to dedicate an entire post to. 

The cafes tried out by me are Kitchen Cuisine and Latteria Mozarella. So far so good, but so expensive. Would I recommend them? Yes. A big yes. But all of their items? uh ha ha. Lets see that. 

For now, enjoy the tasty bits & pieces.

10 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

When you think of coconut oil, what is the first image that comes to mind? Hair oiling. I know. We mistakenly think that coconut oil can only be used for head massages. BUT, here are 10 amazing uses for coconut oil that can certainly make you healthy, save you money on expensive beauty products. And of course, make you pretty fabulous. Naturally!


1. Coconut Oil, as an eye-makeup remover. I use it to remove not only make up but also to massage my eyes. Its a great way to relax your tired face and release stress from the eye brow points. Just take some oil on hand, and gently rub on your face. It will take off all the make up from your face sweetly and leave your skin extremely soft

2. To help increase sun tolerance and avoid burning. Yup! This actually helps. Summer is just around the corner, after spring and you will need some oil massage on face to act as a sun block! 

3. Use on hands after doing dishes to avoid dry skin! Amazing!

4. Rub into elbows daily to help alleviate dry, flaky and dark elbows! This helps hydrate your skin and make it soft. 

5. It is an immediate source of energy when eaten that isnโ€™t stored as fat. Just add a small teaspoon of edible coconut oil in coffee or food. And voila! You are on the way to Energy Hills!

6. Use it as a mouth wash! Don’t swallow it though. And your breath will smell goody good!

7. This one’s for men especially, and those ladies who actually shave their legs! (no joke. some do) Use as a natural shave cream and after shave lotion. 

8. Rubbed on lips as a natural chap stick! Oooh la la! Get baby lips!

9. Coconut oil can also be used to help sooth the itch of chicken pox or poison ivy

10. So you want white teeth, too? Easy peasy! By itself or with baking soda, coconut oil can be used as a naturally whitening toothpaste.

See, There are many uses for coconut oil that we just didn’t know before. If you also have some tip to share about coconut oil, Feel free to enlighten me. Drop your comments below, and share with me which use of coconut oil you find more interesting! 

Have a healthy life! ๐Ÿ™‚

7 mistakes bloggers make

They are not just mistakes. These are sins.

We all have been guilty of turning our once active and productive blogs into dormant and poorly maintained sites. I am myself, guilty of some injustice done to my online space. These mistakes result in loss of traffic, in many cases; loss of income, and also the loss of inspiration to become someone , to share something good with the world.  How and why we do this? Following are the deadly 7 mistakes, and notes on how to do something about them.

Mistake # 1- Letting Personal Life affect your blog

Life isn’t all rosy. It is not so bad either. There are good days and bad days. We all know this. And its okay, to feel emotionally down. But it becomes a problem when bloggers let personal life affect their professional life. Easy said then done but this is true. I myself shut down every activity on blog when I am having personal life crisis or just too busy dealing with everything personal. The best we can do is, attend to personal and professional lives separately and maintain balance. I know it’s hard to smile when things are going strange in life, but blogging doesn’t mean you are betraying your mood. Its simply a job. Whatever happens, wake up, wash your face, and post on blog first, and be sincere with your work and passion. Its not easy but as long as we keep on neglecting our passions, our blogs that we pay for on yearly basis,  nothing great will happen.

Mistake # 2- Making it all about you

Abstain from sharing too much personal stuff on blog. I know some blogs out there are running solely on the basis of personal stories. Vlogs are great example of this, where even bedroom tours are a great source of income. I have personally shared many posts on blog where I voiced my deepest fears, joys and musings on life. But is it really worth it? The reality is, our audience isn’t interested in knowing how we are feeling. They already have their own thoughts going on. So instead of focusing on “Me, me me” on blog, Share most on things that are beneficial for the readers. Moreover, sharing personal information online is never really safe. If there’s any highly intelligent opinion that you have, and you feel you must share it. Then again, improvise and don’t always make it about yourself. Remember, a blog that has the potential to earn for you isn’t your sob diary. Its your message to the world. A platform where you are providing some sort of services.

Mistake # 3- Spending too much time on just “planning” a post

Another mistake that most bloggers make is taking too much time to plan a post. They are obsessed with perfection. As a result, the planning that takes place in head stays in head. And never makes it out to the world. 

Mistake # 4- Acting like non professional blogger

When you are addressing your audience. You are the Expert. Remember to always retain your place like that. Nobody wants to hear a nobody. We all seem to follow someone who knows what he or she is talking about. So develop your voice in such way, and always address your readers with expert level insight. Act professional.

Mistake # 5- Expecting the audience to understand your life

This is a mistake that is more like a shoot off of mistake # 2. No matter how hard your life is, you cannot expect your audience to be your pillow. Deliver them what you promised them. And that’s it. If its not them that you are serving, and you have decided to be a blogger for the sake of passion, then deliver to yourself what you promised. And half your problems related to content creation would disappear.

Mistake # 6- Not socializing on blog-sphere 

90% of the times, only those bloggers reach back to your blog, who found you on their site , passing a great comment. In simple words, the more you socialize on internet among bloggers, the more bloggers would come and visit your site. One of the worst mistakes that bloggers make are: they just post on their blog, and after it, expect a huge number of comments. But this is not how it works. Feedback is gained when you are kind enough to give your own feedback to others, and in doing so, make connections.

Mistake # 7- Not taking time to respond to your readers ‘on time’

If you are slow or absolutely not at all interested in replying back to your readers, they will never visit you again. Mark my words. Replying to your readers is happy engaging with them and it indirectly sends them a signal that you appreciate their visit. A simple thanks, with a smile, would do wonders. 


Creating good content is always a priority for the quality bloggers, so I can understand that when we are busy or just not in the right state of mind, its hard to come up with the fire to blog. But sometimes, its more about online survival. And if you push yourself to do it as its right thing to do, you’ll be able to run your blog with all its glory. 

There are thousand noises around me. My family is extremely lost in some television show and there’s no quiet spot in my home right now where I can sit and just think about everything strange in life. But the reason I am here to blog is because I pay to keep this site up. And blogging professionally demands discipline which I must deliver. Hard to master, but take little steps. And its a possibility.