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Winter Love and Cookies

The most beloved thing for the ladies at my home, in winter season, is to make comfort food to keep us nazuk generation warm. My mother knows I catch flu so easily, so to keep me healthy, she keeps coming up with healthy recipes. The way she makes Fish for us. The way my khala makes Dodhee (milk with khashkhaas, grinded rice, almonds and dry fruits) and the way we finish it all up in few minutes and burp like we just had milk like babies. This is what winter is all about at my home. Cooking. Love. more cooking, more love and lots and lots of baking. We love to bake cakes! We love to bake salty buns! And my mom loves to make cookies!  These pictures have the awesome cookies my mom made to keep my brain active. If you do alot of studies and reading, she said, these cookies are perfect for you to keep your brain from hurting and feeling you are running out of brain juice. Well done mommy! welldone! Once again, where would we be if not for our mom’s love?

To thank them back for their care, we in return try to follow TASTY one minute videos that have made our brains run on food all the time. I remember how my cousin brother bugged me all day last winter, to try this cheese potato paties. Ammi simply refused to enter the kitchen as she was tired. So, naturally, he and I took control of the kitchen and created a delicious mess. We had such a good time that day, me on the mashing potatoes task and him, cleaning dishes. As we grow older, we tend to grow apart from our loved ones. Cooking everyday turns into cooking together only once in a blue moon. My brother and I get little time to even make tea together because of our schedules, he is always out, studying, working on something and so. But there is something wonderful about winters. It brings you closer to the things and people you love. And I am expecting exactly that this season. 

I am hosting a lunch tomorrow, inshaAllah, for my family. It’s after a long time that I am doing every small task related to cooking on my own. The chicken has been bathed, pampered, and marinated. I prepared the mashed potatoes in advance. And hoping to prepare vegies in the morning. Be sure to stay tuned on my insta for the follow up. You and I need to get closer too. I miss you my readers. Thank you for reading me all these years, lovingly. 

I love you all bohat sara.

Now tell me, what is your comfort food or activity in winter?





The Asateer Experience

“I love bright red drinks, don’t you? They taste twice as good as any other color.” , said L.M. Montogomery.  The lady meant Red Vine by red drinks but since we are Muslims, let’s imagine that red drink as Rooh Afza’aan. *smart*

Merhaba everyone! 

So glad to share something totally different today with pictures and color red.

The lady in the picture is me. And I am oh-so-happy with my Scarlet veil these days. A couple of days ago, Nadia Masood, a very dear friend of mine launched Asateer Scarves. An Online boutique for premium scarves that promises to amaze you when you touch the fabric yourself. And boy! Was I blown away or what! The unboxing and inquiry of the scarf really did amaze me. Let me tell you this Asateer experience from the beginning. Grab pop corns and sit still. If you are my avid reader, you must know by now how much I loovvvve telling stories and emphasize on details.

The very night of Asateer Scarves launch took us ladies who have been following them on Insta, by surprise. I personally could not believe the over whelming range of colors being offered. Strawberry! Butterscotch! Vanilla! Lily! Apple! Oh! I was here and there on her website and going crazy about which scarf to get first. There is chiffon. There is silk. There is viscose and there is jersey. But the indecision comes mainly because of the beautiful color range. You just can’t put down even one color there. All of them are chic, elegant and pleasing to the eyes at the same time. Smartly complimenting the current season. So anyway, I knew I am overwhelmed. And that’s why I asked Nadia to surprise and delight me. Because I trust her so much, I picked 3 colors and totally left on her to pick one out of these for me and send me right away. 

The delivery was amazingly quick. I had the yellow package in my hand within 2-3 days and now began the series of little pretty surprises followed by the finale when I finally wore the scarf. She sent me the loveliest and most bold and beautiful color from her range: Red. In her own words, “Red is the colour of passion, strength, leadership, determination, and courage.” I was overjoyed and so relieved to see what I receivedThe green box itself is elegant but go a step further and you will find a card that has Asateer Scarves printed on it. Be more courageous and flip the card, and you’ll be surprised by a HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU NOTE penned down by Nadia Masood herself. How thoughtful and pretty my scarf could get? Amazing! Wallah! I love love love handwritten notes. I just love this tradition of using hands to pen down words from the heart, and Nadia just hit it right. 

And this is not it. Get your hands on the scarf and the first thing you will fall in love with is the quality. The feel of it on your finger tips. I do not know how she manages to get the best fabric and from where in the world, or if the fabric is only of UAE but it is extremely good quality. The jersey is light and so butter soft. The fragrance and the sheen in it is so mesmerizing! And if you are normal, very very normal like me, you are going to notice the sparkly bling bling gold label and go mad for it. I almost became a child when I saw it up close.

I swear. I could not stop playing with it as a ring. Here is a video demonstration of the bling bling it has. Why am I emphasizing it? Good point. The gold label deserves a gold medal because it actually makes the scarf stand out even more, apart from the quality. Let’s say it compliments it. I personally don’t enjoy scarves with labels because they are so dull. This, however, is very pretty, small in size and smiles back because it is properly made and beautifully placed.


The Scarlet in jersey has light sheen in it. Very very pretty and makes your scarf glow. I have worn it once and tomorrow I might get a chance to wear it again. And you know the amazing thing? It goes with many of my outfits, not just with one dress but many! Which is another reason why I am excited to try it with different colored dressed and see how the shade Nadia Masood managed to make the top seller at Asateer Scarves, compliments my wardrobe. A good scarf color for me is able to make your life hassle free by bonding with maximum dresses in your almirah. Given that, I am considering getting a royal/dark blue scarf from her and oh my goodness, Midnight Sparkle Scarf was sold out the same night it arrived. 

I have much more to say and so many ways to try out my jersey Scarlet scarf. Stay tuned with me on the blog and at my insta page for my Asateer (legendary) experience. 

Scarlet’s price is $27. Given the beautiful color, the quality and the length of the scarf, I believe it is reasonable. Because trust me, this scarf has the capacity to last for a lifetime. I have bought scarves from Khaadi and such brands as well that promise quality, but when it comes to scarves, very few brands live up to their word, they literally die after a few washes. 

Are you going to wash your Scarlet ever, Peri?

Meeee? noooo! I am never going to get it dirty in the first place. This much I am in love with it. Here is a quick tip for the veil girls: Keep a rose water spray bottle and add a little fragrance of your choice in it. Just spray that on your scarf when you feel like it has lost the fragrance. You do not need to wash your scarf every time you wear it. This can literally take away it’s softness and glow. So keep it smelling fresh and style it up however you want. Thanks to Nadia Masood’s thoughtful scarf measurements, I can take my Scarlet either as veil like we normally do in Pakistan. It is wide and covers up nice. Or I can wrap it over my head like a scarf or even turban. It really made looked so pretty when I wore it. 

Here. One more photo to capture its beauty. 



Organic Gardening, Future Plans & Me

Today morning, was extra ordinary. I swear!

Background Story

For the second time in life, I finally found my peace, my happiness after loosing hold of it somewhere in the middle of living. The first time I had contentment and such peace was when I was 19. Life was not only beautifully productive at that time, but also very meaningful. I had a sweet routine. Time was flying but so was I.  I had time for University from morning till noon. Then from zuhr till Asr , I had a routine for reading Quran, exploring its stories, wonders and mysteries. Then from Aser till Esha I had plenty of time for tutoring my neighbour for her 2nd year exams. And then  before I would hit the bed, I had time for my own University assignments. I was genuinely productive and happy.

But shit happens, Right! It happened in my life too. I lost my sight my vision. Everything changed after I came back from my trip to Turkey and jumped into Mphil. I don’t know when and how it all became about EARNING and REACHING THE TOP that I stopped noticing the beauty of other things in life. I never had time for my own mother and family.

But no more. No more job hunting. No more pursuit of degrees. No more, the mad chase of bling bling. I have decided to say goodbye to everything else for sometime and focus only and only on my family, my home, my face (yes I am serious) & my life with Allah Almighty.

So this is what I did today. I did gardening with my aunt.


Today’s Story

Last night me and my aunty decided that it’s time for me to step in and grow some vegetables in our organic garden if I want to have my own business in organic farming some day. We already have salad, coriander, lemons, mint and some other things grown at home but not potatoes or spinach. So we did some calculations and it was concluded that we need to expand the home garden, have some beds arranged for vegetables and practice crop rotation.

Oh boy! I was thrilled. And this morning, I began my gardening training by planting some pretty flowers.

2014-03-10 10.27.55

This entire bench shown above was set by me. Not only this, I also moved some grown up plants from small beds to larger ones. The moving and shifting is not that easy, but it was fun to dig and then plant. Now the debate at home is about “The Bench“.  I wish to paint this bench pure white. While my mother is of the opinion that I should leave this bench alone. No messing with its natural beauty. What do you think, should this bench be painted white?

Now Moving on to the Salad, mint and other green things.


These are our two mint beds.

A corner dedicated to Salad leaves.


And! The Famous Clover Leaf


Pansy Flower or as we call it, (The doggy faced phool) we have loads of these along with some other flowers with very difficult names.


And there are some strange old ducks and toys too. Doing of my mother. While aunty focuses on plants and I do the photography, my mother makes her way into the gardening by decorating it with toys. Strange but sweet! Here are few of the things she has as decorations.

Beautiful ducks. Pigeons. A pair of British Laila Majnu and Pigeons. And .. Another duck made of plastic.


I intend to have a bird bath fountain for the garden. But let’s see when I can manage to buy it. Anyways,

That’s it for today. In 2 days, as soon as the baskets we ordered for salad bed arrive, I will be having lessons on how to grow veggies. The first thing I am going to do then is snap it for my dearest baby blog.

Assalamo alaikum!