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12 Positive Affirmations for that Dream Job

Want to know a secret to a successful passionate life? Of course, you do. Who wouldn’t love a prosperous and a joyful life. I know I do! So do we all. And here’s my little secret!

“Be happy, and ridiculously, optimistic”.

I know it sounds easier said than done, but who said that things said easily are difficult to do anyway? It is only our belief systems that either make us, or hinder us. 

Recently, I have been hearing a lot from people how they totally find me a positive influence on them, how I light up the so called proverbial room, that my energy moves things all around me, that they envy how I go about my day, and on many levels, inspire others to have a good feeling lifestyle. But this habit of being warm fuzzy positive bug isn’t achieved overnight. Once you get the hang of it, you really rock at it. The moment I accepted I was born a positive pure energy being, like you all are born, I found the secret to tap into the success that slowly but surely, and sometimes, magically faster, zaps itself into your life and comfortably stays there, as long as you maintain the good positive energy vibes. And as you know, “Your vibe attracts your tribe”, opportunities to be more happier, healthier and wealthier, come in abundance, too.

You might wonder, as to where to begin from. It is too simple and easy.

Know Thyself. Once you know who you are, what you like, and what are your preferences, accept it.

Accept yourself. Be who you are and we all are nothing but love, darling! Love in different forms. Done that? Good.

Now any subject that is of importance to you, be specific and clear about it. In today’s post, the subject  is “Work/Career”. I love  working in a a creative environment, holding a prestigious job title. I even love working from home because I simply love the freedom of being my own boss and as I am sifting through the diverse opportunities of working as a freelancer, I also miss the “office”, so called, getting up in the morning and getting ready to go to work kind of feeling with great financial freedom that I once had. But it wasn’t enough, which is why I left my job in the first place, to gain more personal happiness and prosperity. So I sat down and started thinking about what kind of a work would really hold me this time. And after choosing the desired fields,  understanding my own interests, I jotted down the following points along with some positive affirmations.

My work/job priorities are:

  • Great working environment
  • Generous & friendly boss/colleagues. Vibrant and creative minds.
  • Reasonable working hours (So I can have plenty of time for my hobbies, health and adventures)
  • And the best and generous salary package in the field.

Ever since I have become clear about what kind of work makes me use my abilities and what work commitments would really suit my lifestyle, sifting and sorting through work opportunities and bagging them has become very easy. The day is not far when I’ll be having an empire of my own, where I would love to assemble up a team of most creative, nice and brilliant minds, and we would be doing the most inspiring, and meaningful work together. Till then, I am really enjoying my stepping stone collaborations with amazing people that will lead me to my ultimate dream.

For your own clarity, do the same exercise. Narrow down what matters to you in terms of comfort level, what brings you joy and passion and that wa wa voom feeling! And when clear, develop positive thoughts about your intended desire or goal. Here are some positive thoughts that I think of, for energy and feeling of worthiness.  Feel it, bathe in it, and expect absolutely the most joyful experiences ahead.

I deserve to have a successful career, and I accept it now.

My work makes a difference.

It’s a beautiful thing, when a career and a passion, come together.

An exciting new career prospect is on it’s way to me.

My work fulfills me, and allows me to prosper.

I am capable of incredible things.

I am appreciated, and valued, wherever I work.

I absolutely LOVE my work, and love the people I work with.

I work in style, earn in style, and live in complete happiness. 

I am appreciated and treasured at workplace.

My job brings me immense pleasure, success, satisfaction and wealth.

I am a productive individual, leading a meaningful and zesty life! 


And of course, you can build on and on, adding more affirmations and positive feeling thoughts to your belief system as you go along. You’ll love it, I promise!

May you all never settle for anything less than extraordinary!



Lunching munching these days & good reads

If you want me to love you. You must love food & books.   

Why? Because I lurve them! … And because … I would  probably judge you on your choice of books and zauq for eating.

What is more enjoyable than food and having a good book in hand. I prefer this more than having the company of people. In fact, I can party alone with tasty food itself without any other human around. Spend my entire day reading something than be out there with people. And that is exactly what I have been doing lately: trying out new things whenever I get tired at my workplace. I either eat something new or read something new. Since eating delicious things puts me in good mood and I do have a thing to taste everrrry new food item before me, I have made it my mission to keep my lunching munching and reading records and tell you how it actually tastes. Should you spend money on it, or forget about it all together. This job, it’s delicious fun. Expensive on my pocket but boy! Does it excite me or what!

The books on my currently reading list are Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, The Poisonwood Bible, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Book of Questions by Pablo and more that I would lurve to dedicate an entire post to. 

The cafes tried out by me are Kitchen Cuisine and Latteria Mozarella. So far so good, but so expensive. Would I recommend them? Yes. A big yes. But all of their items? uh ha ha. Lets see that. 

For now, enjoy the tasty bits & pieces.

7 mistakes bloggers make

They are not just mistakes. These are sins.

We all have been guilty of turning our once active and productive blogs into dormant and poorly maintained sites. I am myself, guilty of some injustice done to my online space. These mistakes result in loss of traffic, in many cases; loss of income, and also the loss of inspiration to become someone , to share something good with the world.  How and why we do this? Following are the deadly 7 mistakes, and notes on how to do something about them.

Mistake # 1- Letting Personal Life affect your blog

Life isn’t all rosy. It is not so bad either. There are good days and bad days. We all know this. And its okay, to feel emotionally down. But it becomes a problem when bloggers let personal life affect their professional life. Easy said then done but this is true. I myself shut down every activity on blog when I am having personal life crisis or just too busy dealing with everything personal. The best we can do is, attend to personal and professional lives separately and maintain balance. I know it’s hard to smile when things are going strange in life, but blogging doesn’t mean you are betraying your mood. Its simply a job. Whatever happens, wake up, wash your face, and post on blog first, and be sincere with your work and passion. Its not easy but as long as we keep on neglecting our passions, our blogs that we pay for on yearly basis,  nothing great will happen.

Mistake # 2- Making it all about you

Abstain from sharing too much personal stuff on blog. I know some blogs out there are running solely on the basis of personal stories. Vlogs are great example of this, where even bedroom tours are a great source of income. I have personally shared many posts on blog where I voiced my deepest fears, joys and musings on life. But is it really worth it? The reality is, our audience isn’t interested in knowing how we are feeling. They already have their own thoughts going on. So instead of focusing on “Me, me me” on blog, Share most on things that are beneficial for the readers. Moreover, sharing personal information online is never really safe. If there’s any highly intelligent opinion that you have, and you feel you must share it. Then again, improvise and don’t always make it about yourself. Remember, a blog that has the potential to earn for you isn’t your sob diary. Its your message to the world. A platform where you are providing some sort of services.

Mistake # 3- Spending too much time on just “planning” a post

Another mistake that most bloggers make is taking too much time to plan a post. They are obsessed with perfection. As a result, the planning that takes place in head stays in head. And never makes it out to the world. 

Mistake # 4- Acting like non professional blogger

When you are addressing your audience. You are the Expert. Remember to always retain your place like that. Nobody wants to hear a nobody. We all seem to follow someone who knows what he or she is talking about. So develop your voice in such way, and always address your readers with expert level insight. Act professional.

Mistake # 5- Expecting the audience to understand your life

This is a mistake that is more like a shoot off of mistake # 2. No matter how hard your life is, you cannot expect your audience to be your pillow. Deliver them what you promised them. And that’s it. If its not them that you are serving, and you have decided to be a blogger for the sake of passion, then deliver to yourself what you promised. And half your problems related to content creation would disappear.

Mistake # 6- Not socializing on blog-sphere 

90% of the times, only those bloggers reach back to your blog, who found you on their site , passing a great comment. In simple words, the more you socialize on internet among bloggers, the more bloggers would come and visit your site. One of the worst mistakes that bloggers make are: they just post on their blog, and after it, expect a huge number of comments. But this is not how it works. Feedback is gained when you are kind enough to give your own feedback to others, and in doing so, make connections.

Mistake # 7- Not taking time to respond to your readers ‘on time’

If you are slow or absolutely not at all interested in replying back to your readers, they will never visit you again. Mark my words. Replying to your readers is happy engaging with them and it indirectly sends them a signal that you appreciate their visit. A simple thanks, with a smile, would do wonders. 


Creating good content is always a priority for the quality bloggers, so I can understand that when we are busy or just not in the right state of mind, its hard to come up with the fire to blog. But sometimes, its more about online survival. And if you push yourself to do it as its right thing to do, you’ll be able to run your blog with all its glory. 

There are thousand noises around me. My family is extremely lost in some television show and there’s no quiet spot in my home right now where I can sit and just think about everything strange in life. But the reason I am here to blog is because I pay to keep this site up. And blogging professionally demands discipline which I must deliver. Hard to master, but take little steps. And its a possibility. 

Back with a bang! What I have been upto.

Life is one interesting roller coaster ride. It makes us scream with joy. Cry with fear. Laugh with euphoria,  and hug the people we love while we are experiencing the usual tremors.
If I was to sum up my break from the blog in three simple words, without spilling the details of my adventures, ups and downs, busy schedules and personal life enigmas. It would be, without a shred a doubt, these short three words.

Eat. Pray. Love.

I discovered my love for many things and hobbies during this break. It was a transformational phase for me, and still it’s going on. The major transformation was internal. I became daring enough. I even tried out a haircut for fun. (This is one funny story I would share tomorrow) My passion for cooking got heightened as well, as I discovered my love and talent for Persian recipes. There’s something quite unique about the way they cook their foods. A touch of delicacy with just the right amount of ancient secrets for taste in the dishes made me dig into this cuisine a lot. And ofcos, the no chilli feature just enhances my interest in this. Plus, I also realised my love for make up !!! And heels. ;/ And selfies!  I swear I even dream of walking into a store full of cosmetics and buying everything all at once! Not to mention the job I started few months back, made me grow up more as a responsible girl. 

And I love to dance, people. Life is beautiful and filled with so much potential to rise and shine, and all this magic, the miracles happen if you remain positive, is the basic thing I learned these days. And love. 

But why was I away from blogging if so much was going on in my world? Well, A lot was happening all at once and still I have no time to take care of my baby blog, that I simply couldn’t turn my mind towards this space. Work in Silence, let your success make the noise, is what I tell my students almost every other day now. And perhaps this is what I was doing myself too? Its either sadness or happiness, whatever you’re going through. Broadcasting it won’t bring you comfort or joys. Its “sharing it with the closest dear ones” that will bring about a change in you. And so I adopted “the no blogging” policy till I feel like blogging.

Today, when I am in the middle of planning a small new year party for my family, which I hope does take place, I decided to cut myself some slack and unearth my blogging passion again. It’s not like I was totally dormant during my absence from the blog. A lot of activities, cooking and fun took place. So, to give my readers a quick recap, I’m sharing images of the lovely times. Ahem! Mostly my food adventures.

I would Like to give the new TENERIFE cafe a big 100 star award. I tried out this place, been there twice and I must say. I have to write a very honest and pleased review on this one. That’s a promise.



I made Seekh Kababs and turned this dish into ‘”a la carte”?



My version of Crispy Cheese grilled sandwich.




  I treated my friend to dinner, and we tried out the new restaurant, The Autumn Yard. I’ll review it, too.


  The most delicious foreign recipe I tried making during my break , Ghormeh Sabzi. A Persian dish that’s absolutely heaven in taste.  But involves a bit of hardwork.






I discovered a flower shop in Lahore that’s actually pretty amazing. 



My mornings have radically changed. I was a early riser at some point already. But now, woof! I HAVE to wake up early or I’ll lose my job.


 Easy peasy soup anyone?


 And this — my friend, is not at all burnt rice. I solemnly swear, its not. I thought I had ruined this Persian recipe when it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. But taste was there and I was told, its not looking bad at all. Its how its supposed to look. Tahchin Morgh, is one cherished recipe in the Kingdom of Persia. (Iran)




  This is something very simple and good in taste. Vegetables, with no salt.



 My brother surprised me to tears with a birthday cake. 



 This was our home made breakfast on Eid few months back. Halwa poori with chaaney. Amazing! Isn’t it? Its not easy to make poori at home. Buh my mom’s an awesome cook!


  More food at TENERIFE CAFE.


 My day out with mom. We shopped. Ate. And then this place at fortress square, known as China Grill, simply blew my mind away with their not so good food. I want my money back.


 And lastly, moi friend of 8.5 years, got married. I would like to miss her a lot but I got much better things to do now. :p  




Just another observation: The way men stare

Are men weird. Or only men with customized beards are weird. OR why some men keep sunnah beards in the first place if they can’t take care of their sunnah values? These were the billion dollar questions which me and my cousin brother discussed on my way to work. 

Let me rewind the reel for you, to make you familiar with what happened today.

I woke up late as usual, to go for the teaching thing I do thrice a week. What made things worse, was the fact that my cousin brother woke up at the same time for his university and he was also running late.

 GET UP GET UP! HURRY UP! I WOULDN’T DROP YOU OFF TO YOUR WORKPLACE IF YOU WASTE EVEN A MINUTE NOW! He shouted at the top of his voice and ran to take shower. I also ran towards my closet and picked out my dress. Then he came out and I went in. To sum it all up, after like 20 minutes, we both were still at home, running here and there frantically, fighting over breakfast, looking for my shoes, and basically, just acting like idiots for being late. That’s how we usually start off our day. Yup! Sweet.

Anyway, without wanting to waste more time, I reached the main gate, and was taking up my scarf when I noticed a man with beard coming towards us on his bike. I mentally calculated that he was still far and I had plenty of seconds to adjust my scarf properly. So i quickly did that, and Once done, I sat at the back of my cousin brother’s bike, and we were on our way. But wait.

Just wait. 

There’s more to it. This is where the sweetest thing happens and boils our minds to the heights of Nanga Parbat.

The same man, who I thought to be a good man, respected man, “I-mind-my-own-business” man, passed by us in such a strange manner that we both could not help but pity the condition of most men today who insult their own beards and our faith.

He slowed down his bike when he was passing by us and not only that, he did this in order to get a good look at me, stare at me from head to toe and BRAVO to his courage that he actually had the audacity to look me in the eye and watch me notice his actions. 

Observing this behavior from Mr. Stranger, my cousin brother and I commented at the same time, “Did you just see that?”

“Yeah. I saw. What makes it worse is he’s having a sunnah beard.”

“Yeah! That’s why I couldn’t expect this from him.”

“Me, too!” And then all the way, we just talked about this man and men like him. 

My point here is very simple. There’s no rocket science involved. What is the purpose of keeping a measured beard to match the style of the Prophets, if you aren’t a well mannered man in heart and you are checking me out like that ? What signals are you trying to send ? Who are you in fact? 

Its not that if he didn’t have beard, I wouldn’t have minded it. No. it’s not about that. I would have still voiced my mind that it’s wrong behaviour but what pains me more on a spiritual level is the ridiculous behavior of those particular men who keep sunnah beard just to show off religion. Its simple sad. What’s personal is personal. If that man smokes or no, it would be his personal choice and we have no right to judge anybody there. But if your actions are outwards and are affecting others, then ofcourse, you would be talked about.

Its way sad because such men I believe, when they are stepping up and keeping beards, trying best to embrace every Muslim label, if turn out to be insulting beard later on, they just give a very bad name to the religion they adhere to. Either walk the talk, or just don’t embrace labels at all. Sit back and work on your character first, before decorating your appearances to pass off as the Muslim of the year.  Because I don’t think, God is going to ask anyone about the length of their beards on the day of judgement but about the values and ethics. Did you murder anyone? Did you tease sweetest Pari when she was going to work? Did you!!??

Yeah. Questions like that.

Nobody’s perfect I know. But it doesn’t give these men the right to go ahead and see women as objects. It’s not about feminism, It’s about humanism. Respect. And Identity. 

Thank you.

P.S. Other Men with any style of beard, possessing good manners and respect for women, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your sophistication and class. You have high standards, and therefore, you all are safe from my anger. Breathe in peace.

Love & Hate in the House of Prayer

Imagine I told you, I am a suicide bomber, I want to kill people in the house of prayer because that’s where the stairs to heaven begin from, and that’s where I’ll have my peace. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about some injustice. But I just want to kill because I love to hate others. And I have been told, the more I kill, the more points I gain, the more pious I become. The more stairs I climb, and the more charity am doing to humanity.

Would that make sense? No.

Can you believe what I just said? I can’t believe myself either. And no matter how many times I try to play the role of a suicide bomber in my head, or try to think from his perspective, I simply cannot fathom, just simply cannot understand the whole point of suicide killing in the name of religion.  These acts are way too illogical. Way too inhumane. To top it all, killing people in the house of worship, in a mosque? Oh. This is just too beyond the simply logic of my delicate mind. 

And that’s why the day I got to hear the news of suicide bombing event in a mosque right in the middle of SAUDIA, I gasped. My goodness! Are you freakin’ kidding me? That was my expression! Exactly that! I simply froze. I could not believe what my Turkish student was telling me. Her husband, who sat across the table, looked up from his newspaper and sadly nodded his head in affirmation. Signaling me to believe what his wife was telling. 

I hadn’t read the newspaper that day or watched news at TV so I had no idea that Terrorist Organization IS’s handiwork had reached Saudia Arabia, too. The suicide bomb attack was an attempt to create shia/sunni/wahabi riots. God… for several moments I stared blankly at the newspaper reading the headlines. It was unbelievable. 

Bomber Saudi

Several minutes passed, I came back to reality. Sipped on my tea and surveyed the rest of the newspaper. And BAM!!! Holy crap! 

I found a news that shocked both my student and her Husband as they hadn’t read it so far. PRAYER LEADER BLOWS HIMSELF UP IN MOSQUE! wait, what!? Ms Yasmin jumped on her seat.

This time, she was the one with the expression, Are you freakin’ kidding me?

No, ms Yasmin. I am not. 

Prayer leader


“Ms Pervisha? Prayer leader means Imam? It’s imam right?” She asked me again and again as if I had spoken swedish and my words were alien.

“Yes. Yes. Yes” I assured her of my sanity levels by repeating the word ‘yes’ several times.  And we all just stared at each other.

To be honest. I was blown away myself and had to read the news twice to believe it. It was a horrifying  to read that Imam Masjid too got loony? What the hell happened to faith and sanity?

As if this wasn’t enough, I got the 3rd surprising news and by this time it was more like a series of unfortunate Hilarious events rather than tragedies for us. Astaghfirullah. Check the irony. I was literally laughing at this point out of disbelief. Isn’t funny what’s happening now adays? It’s so alien my brain can’t even process it anymore.

The 3rd and final joke of the day was about the Turkish imam who committed suicide in the middle of the mosque. There you go ladies and gentlemen. Simply throw away all the logic, faith and hope out of the window. 

The imam who hanged himself up in the mosque, I don’t know what was he going through or thinking. But whatever the despair one encounters, Imam is the last man I could think of, committing suicide. My Turkish Principal,  looked at me. I looked back at him and I noticed sadness on his face, that welled up with a smile to highlight the irony.

His words were and I quote, “If Imam masjid can do this, what will the followers do who prayed behind him?!” 

Our actions send signals to others, either to learn from them or turn away from them. Please, choose your actions wisely. Send good signals to the society and humanity on the whole. And as far as the issue of religion is concerned, I have a beautiful idea. Let’s just forget we are Muslims, Christians, Jews or Hindus. The world should just put aside the major Religion labels for awhile and talk about principles of humanity first without associating yourself with any religion.

Ask yourself, 

1: Am I a good human?

2: What good am I doing for myself and people around me?

3: Would I kill anyone?

4: What is decency for me?

5: Do I have the manners, tolerance and patience to accept the differences of other people and not hate them for this?

6: Am I all for love or am all for hate?

Please note that I used the word “I” in the questions. Because rather than thinking, is he/she a good human or a Muslim, we should be asking ourselves, are we right enough ourselves? Are we on the right track?

If you are for love, then you’ll find yourself not on the extreme points but always at moderate level where you do not refuse to learn and grow as an individual by observing everyone. I personally try to avoid hate speech for religious and non religious people altogether because it’s the character of a person that defines first who you are. For instance, if abusing is in your nature, then it doesn’t matter if you are good core Muslim or weak core Muslim. You are just an abuser for me and in the eyes of the people. Your religious affiliation or spirituality has got nothing to do with it. So regardless of the faith you follow, try to be a good human first. Be strong at that. Don’t go into hate speech. Be beautiful as a human inside out.

I wish those suicide bombers knew this. I wish they had chosen to spread love in the house of prayer than hate and death. 

I should stop writing now, my blood pressure is going to flare up thinking about this madness.