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Bang Bang Theatrical Performance: Hua Kuch Yun

So, Hua kuch yun, last night was a fantastic night. 

Around 5 in the evening, while I was completely wrapped up in my work, my cousin brother yelled from his room,  ‘We have to be at Alhamra at 7:30, Apaaaaa. Not a minute late! Tayar ho janaaaaaaaaaaa’ 

Ami hazoor and khala sitting in the middle space, veranda, conversed to each other like this, ‘ye kia kehraha hai?’ Kuch samajh aii is lerke ki..? Kitna tez bolte hain aj kal ke bache.’

‘Achaaaaa. I’ll be ready’ I replied back from my headquarters on the other side of the veranda. ‘Agai hai samjh mama mujhe is kiiiiii. Play ka keh rahaaaa haiiiii’. I assured my mother I have deciphered his unclear voice as I scanned the papers before me. ‘Mai tayar hi hooon, Basittttt. I haven’t changed my kapray after returning homeeee. Chala jayengeee.’

Okayyyyy. The long distance conversation between me and my brother ended calmly with no objections raised. More so, because the theme of the play was partition as mentioned a day earlier. Absolutely looking forward to it, I concluded my work, by leaving the tripod, the camera and all the papers along with my laptop right there on the bed. A very serious mistake for when I returned all tired, it was all still there. Magically. We took the time to offer Isha and around 7:20 pm we were on our way to Alhamra Art Council. 

The play scheduled to start at 8 pm, actually started at 9. But once it started, I wished it to be longer than 1.5 hours. what a performance and what a fantastic screen play! It was all bang bang with pure intellectual and artistic gratification for me. Keywords: Intellectual and Artistic Gratification. The writer Sajid Hasan Sahib and the director Dawar Mehmood amazed us with the very first scene being extremely enjoyable and creative. On the grounds of ethical reasons, I cannot disclose the scene I recorded that blew us away. In fact, not one but many scenes caught our attention for their creativity and magic of extraordinary performance.

Everyone was mesmerized and so was I. And though the story was written with just the right amount of comedy and fun, it still managed to make us teary towards the end of the play. I am not going to reveal it rather encourage the citizens to go and catch the play when it screens in your city.

On our way back, we talked about why was the hall not full and why did some people leave during the play despite it being a good story? It is my humble opinion that such theatrical performances are not necessarily for the educated and upper class who can afford to pay for its expensive ticket. Rather, such well written and thought provoking plays challenge citizens and draw a fine line between people who are really mentally educated and respond to literature alongside art and history. And citizens, who connect more with regular entertainment than meaningful one. And that is okay. It shouldn’t terrify us or discourage. Hail more. 

We need more plays like this. More theater like this. More intelligence, and more meaningful art. My request to the actors that made this memorable for me, kindly, don’t go on wasting your potential in TV dramas ever. Stick with such meaningful themes in theater, for you were on fire last night with your dedication on stage.


Note:  The images have been taken with my cell. Because I had been busy taking pictures all day at Wazir Khan Mosque, I decided to leave the camera at home at night. So sorry for the low quality pictures. Understanding required.

Tea at Sukh Cha’n Salt’n Pepper Cafe

Are you looking forward to spend time with your friends and sit for long hours without spending much money? This is the place to crash.

After attending a focus group of bloggers somewhere else and having our stomachs full with lunch,  me and my two friends decided to have tea at English Tea House. We just wanted a corner to sit, relax, and start chatting about our troubles since we were meeting after a long time.

Ideal evening, right? so it was.

We got into (my teacher cum Mphil mate cum a very good friend’s) car and drove off. The funny part was, we all three were so busy chatting and bickering that we lost our way to English Tea House and landed at Sukh Chan, Salt’n Pepper instead. Sukh Ch’an is basically a well reputed wellness club with gym and swimming pool facilities, but they also have this cafe inside which is also open for non-members.


Two of us ordered Tea, while the third one went for Lipton’s green tea. And then to have something sweet to go with it, we ordered a brownie that we shared. Chocolate mousse cake was unfortunately not available despite of being on the Menu card, nor was Peanut tart.

Here comes the tea now with freshly baked brownie.






Yum ! Yum ! Yum ! we lost our minds over that brownie and I couldn’t decide what to do with my canon. We both are inseparable these days. But so as me and food.

So either I could enjoy what was on the table or photograph it with perfect composition.

I decided to choose the former option. Did snap snap snap quickly and then put aside my camera to enjoy my tea.


Our cells went on silent mode and minutes  turned into hours. Nobody came to bother us that why we had been sitting there for so long when we had no tea left in our cups. I believe, such places where they bring you the bill as soon as you’re done eating is bit impolite. They literally keep an eye on you. But at this cafe, everything was just so calm. I noticed that even the music wasn’t loud. For me, this means decency and they gain my approval.

Although this wasn’t my first visit to Sukh cha’n Salt’n Pepper Cafe, but when I had visited it last time, I was in 2nd year and not a blogger.

Being a blogger now, automatically turns my mind towards noticing little details of the places I visit because I feel like my readers deserve to know.


That’s my Teacher cum friend sitting over there, looking at the children playing in the swimming pool outside. It’s the the open air section.


I tried to take the shot of the swimming pool area from the place where I sat comfortably. I just wasn’t in the mood for getting up and play the role of a photographer so I stuck with lazy shots.


That’s my last shot of the evening as we drove off to our homes. But what an evening it was!

If you wish to check out this place, Click Here

Address: 25-H, Gulberg II, Lahore (near Salt’n Pepper Grill)



A quick run to Jinnah Park

If you would ask me , when was the last time I had any mind-boggling unplanned fun, I would say , when I was a toddler in University. That is the best time when you can hangout without any plans and can actually get some fresh air in your lungs. Once you’ve bid your university goodbye, you become this lazy lady at home who just eats, sleeps, prays, blogs and cooks occasionally.

It’s super great in its own way sweetie, but I have to be honest, it’s also super depressing.

You got to go out, Pervisha.You got to go out. I kept thinking this and fell asleep around 4pm. And voila! Sharp at 6 in the evening, I woke up to a surprising evening.

My friend with her lil sister marched in with a hurricane like force, dragged me outta bed and ordered me to get my veil cause we were going out.

Woooah! Realllyyyyy! wait! what!?? For a moment I couldn’t decide, was I up or just dreaming.

It all happened so fast that without even changing my clothes, I found myself in her new car within a minute. And guess what we did?! We went to Jinnah Park for a 5 minutes walk. Only. 

Yeah yeah, I know. that’s a short duration but my friend had a pretty tight schedule.

So, Upon entering the Garden, we found this papaar man. I can’t explain to you how nostalgic this all was. The last time I had visited Jinnah Park in my BS days. But the details I noticed today in just 5 hungry-for-outing-minutes were extra ordinary.

IMG_20140607_193228 (1)

Can you note a very funny thing in this picture? No, don’t count the papaars but  pay attention to what else he has on that tray.

THAT MAN probably owns a better cell than me, you see, and my mistake I forgot to ask its model number.ah.

Moving on, we passed through the white building known as Jinnah Library. Below is the image of one side of the structure. The other side was full of people.

2014-06-07 18.31.30

I just love that building. The interior is beautiful no doubt but the exterior and its  white color gives you just so out of the world feeling, you feel like you’re in Britain or something. And That’s when I noticed a pack of Uncles and aunties having desi picnic on stairs, at the other side of the building. It was so funny to see people making comical poses for couple photography. I bet the villagers enjoy there more than city people.

Anyway, like good people, we didn’t dare disturb their activity. Instead , we turned towards this.


The sun was setting so beautifully behind those trees. I felt wonderful just looking at the fading sky and those tall trees. They looked so new to me. It’s amazing how so many places, when visited after a long time, can give you this much wonder and happiness.

1 minute later, making a turn, we saw this thoughtful sign board by PHA set at the exit area.


We all admitted it was a great message. So, to honor their wish, I photographed our footprints.


This picture would serve as a great memory for me and my friend now. (Guess where’s my footprint) And if PHA ever comes to visit my site, I can assure them as well that we didn’t leave any juice boxes or lunch boxes or any plastic wrappers in their beautiful Garden. It must be “the uncles & aunties”. All we took were photographs, and all we gave were our sincere admiration for one of Lahore’s most awesome places.

The next time we go, I hope we get to eat ice cream as I’m all about food, and I hope we have our own picnic there, too. I am such a die hard fan of picnics.


P.S. Because of the afra tafri, I forgot my camera at home , that’s why all the images were taken with my precious galaxy which is begging me for retirement.


My Friend’s Wedding at Cathedral Church of Resurrection, Lahore


December 28th, 2013 was a different day for me. At 11:am in the morning, my mother woke me up with a great good lecture.  I was  late for the church to attend my friend’s Marriage ceremony, so naturally I ran to washroom with the bullet speed.

And got out the same moment. With the bullet speed of course. There was no hot water to take bath with. Masha Allah!

Freezing, yelling, I managed to get fresh, put on my white dress, do quick make up and jump into heels which I literally hate wearing but have to for the sake of “Getting dressed well”.

The day was here. The big day When I was to witness a Christian wedding in a Church I had never seen before from the inside. Having no decent camera to shoot with, I counted big time on my cell.

The loyal battery died right on the spot.

My Muslim friend picked me up from my home around 1:30.  Heck! We were late. Reached Church at 2:am. Heck again! The bride was late. Ceremony started around 3:30. Heck LOL! Father of the Church was also late.

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen! That’s how Pakistanis wedding start  — regardless of their different religious affiliations.



Everything was really new. And some moments were funny as hell. When father asked the Groom to show consent for the marriage whether he accepts the bride or not, The Groom bhai was totally confused and in that innocent confusion he babbled, “Kia kehna hai?” 😮

The bride couldn’t control her laughter at this point, neither could we all. They were after all, cousins. Not strangers.


These are the photos from the wedding, That I hope you all enjoy. I can’t upload all the pictures as they are private but these few glimpses are sure going to make you smile 🙂 I tried to capture the architectural marvels of the Church for you guys but it was bit hard with the camera that I had in hand. But You would be able to see the glass paint work in one of the pictures where they have painted Jesus a.s as per their imagination on a cross. 



“You can kiss the bride now” , didn’t happen. On the bright side, I did end up catching the flower bouquet of the bride though, which you often see in Movies how the bride throws off her bouquet at the girls  to catch of course. Heck. I was more worried about getting injured instead.

It was Hilarious! Everyone shouted for me to catch it. For my mother it was more like a matter of life and death. “YOU HAVE TO CATCH IT, PERVISHA! You HAVE to!” … ah yes mom.



It was a beautiful day. Both looked great. I saw my shy friend getting married and even though only me and my other friend along with our moms were the only Muslims present there, There wasn’t any awkwardness in the environment. I realized, marriage no matter where it happens, is a touching ceremony in one’s life.

There was laughter, joy, love and anticipation for lunch.

Now I wanna attend the weddings of Jews, Parsi and Hindus. I want to see how things are done in their culture. Its a very informative experience.  Trust me.

Delicious Chicken Irani Boti at Bundu Khan & My Pakistani Sentiments.

Yesterday was girls day out.

My mother determined to take me out of my square room decided to lure me into fried finger fish trap. Because she was bored. And sick of cooking.

And trust me, its not really that easy to make me get out of my blanket and wash face with real water like water when its freezing cold in December. Not even shopping for new sneakers could shake me, but fish did. Somehow I got dressed. My sadness of nothing began to fade away.

In fact first I tried to make excuses to escape from this like look! omg! How foggy it is out there. But Mom is a mom for a reason you know. I wore blue she wore green and voila! After praying zuhr, I was on my way to eat fried fish from Bundu Khan. Mom had to make a stop at hyperstar to buy some bakery. It has got awesome bakery. Thats the only thing I like about that place. Other than that I hate the fact that hyperstar wouldn’t even let you drink anything inside the building. Even if you’re dying.

Anywho, I bought some of  my bakery stuff too. And the types of bread I got deserves a post on its on. I wanted to get baking utensils too but my budget was off already. So, happy and contended, I happily hopped my way to Bundu Khan because  I was simply in love with their fried fish until I met with a new cuisine.

Chicken Irani Boti (Grilled)

2013-12-16 16.01.12

Behold! The best chicken boti I have ever tasted (if my faulty memory serves me right). I swear I loved it! This is the dish which I have been introduced to by an Iranian I interviewd during my thesis days. He told me how Pakistan food is so spicy and how very nice and less spicy their food is. I got hold of their chicken tikka recipe and voila! I cooked it in summers but didn’t block it.

When I ordered fish finger, I had to order something more and new for my mother. She’s a high blood pressure patient and eating fish simply means high BP. So after thinking much, I narrowed down to Irani grilled chicken boti. I knew it would be something similar to the dish I had prepared at home but boy! Served with Naan this was even more delicious.

Before it got served, I forbade mom to taste any dish before I have photographed it to my heart’s content for blog. But the moment it got on table I forgot my own words and attacked the food. I was hungry. 🙁

2013-12-16 16.01.20

Sunny sides of the dish:

It was juicy, soft and served hot. Very delicious indeed. 5/5.

Not so sunny sides of the dish: 

1- Quite Expensive. It was for Rs 800 and something. I could throw a chicken party at home with that much green paper. 2/5

2-  Freaking small portions. The moment I ordered it, I got worried about the amount of pieces they would serve. You want good amount of food in front of you when you’re hungry and also when you have paid alot to get it. Total 12 pieces didn’t please me at all. That too small ones.  3/5

And I have noticed it almost everywhere in Lahore now, that serving less in plate and charging more money for it has become like a fashion. What has gone wrong with Lahoris? We are not in France where serving less is about class and money! We are Pakistanis. We are hospitable people.We like to eat and we want to eat 24/7.  It’s better we stopped coping other race on table etiquette.

Anyway, There’s always a first time for everything…coming towards Friend Finger Fish.

2013-12-16 16.01.28

I love this dish. Its the best thing I like to eat when I’m having severe flu. But this time I was terribly disappointed by Bundu Khan.

Last time in March and then before that time even, Whenever I used to eat friend finger fish at Bundu Khan, it used to be served with sandwiches. As far as I remember. But okay, maybe I am mistaking it. However, Could I mistake the quality of crisp ? This time it was served rather soggy. Soft is good but only from the inside. If the crisp that is supposed to be on the outer layer is not there, I’m sorry! It’s not served fresh and right  from the fryer. It was nor served very hot as it used to be. Really disappointed and am sure going to try out this fish somewhere else now. No more Bundu Khan for me.

Sunny sides: Out of order.

Not so sunny sides: I paid Rs 720 for something I anticipated a lot but didn’t quite enjoy it.

Final Remarks. Naan is Rs. 40. I like to enjoy I like to spend on food and fun but I also know the value of money. Especially when I’m unemployed. The reason I concluded, that why we Pakistanis spend money on expensive restaurants is because there are no good recreational activities or alternatives for enjoyment available to us. I wish Lahore had open air cafes. And some places where I can take my mother and let her enjoy quality food with quality environment around without me worrying over ridiculous bills.

After all, You can be a millionaire, but that doesn’t mean being conscious of your spending is haram on you and spending carelessly is wajib.

No more dinning out for me for atleast 3 months! -__-

Morning Surprise – Where the Raavi Flows

Last night the sky seemed like making a promise of sending us rain in the morning. Alas, it hasn’t rained so far except for little drizzle here n there but we sure got gifted with surprisingly beautiful winds. My family dragged me from my bed this early morning to enjoy this alluring weather at Raavi River – courtesy of our chief Minister – we now have a beautiful little space there- gardens at both the sides of the Raavi road.

We walked , we talked. I walked much and talked less and ofcourse , clicked my camera alot. This morning was a wonderful surprise. We had our breakfast of halwa poori there. My eyes and head hurt  though yet it was fun.

Only after a few shots , I got tired of the heavy camera – I wanted to enjoy the winds rather than shoot as usual , so before you today  are pictures captured via cell. Samsumg Galaxy. Not bad results though. Enjoy!

On my return I came across a little league of cricketers playing at the field. They were friendly enough and also bit shy to pose for my camera. I have told them I would come again tomorrow early morning – way early around 5 and play with them as well as shoot them. With camera ofcourse.

And Now the whole Cricket Team.

And Eid finished people. I have one little surprise left though. Maybe I’ll post tormorrow. Too sleepy now.

Assalam o alaikum!