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Amazing DSLR Filmmaking: Canon EOS 600D Video Quality Test

Amazing! A massive welcome back to all of you. I am so thrilled and excited to relaunch Khanumsays with a new layout, new features, more navigation freedom and a broader vision this time. 

As you all know, I am team Canon, before that I was team FujiFilm Finepix, and still I am but the photography experiences I have had with my Canon EOS 600D since I bought it, have been simply marvelous. People look at the results and ask, which camera do you use? And this is perhaps the most common question out there. If you happen to own a higher and more expensive model than 600D, the results are pretty obvious. But digital photography or videography becomes a very sweet experience when you have very basic gear in terms of the giants out there. 

Today’s blog post is about it’s video quality test. I recorded some scenes on 600D with the basic 18mm-55mm kit lens and no tripod. It was entirely a hand handled camera shoot thus the shakes. But hey, the mini beast I have is absolutely a joy to experiment with. (And I have heard it has been discontinued so if you get your hands on 600d for a start from someone, grab it.) The following first video was shot in the first week of Feb, with extreme cold and the unavailability of Sui Gas in some areas of Lahore during the day hours, we were glad to make our food this typical desi way! What a joy it was! Enjoy the mouthwatering experience! 


That was some smooth filming! Isn’t it! Not bad at all given that it was just a DSLR.  (The abrupt music ending in the second video is due to Youtube’s weak editing studio). Now for the details, I’ll be summing up my experience in a rather short way. For in depth review, click here.

This camera offers you  different video recording settings in terms of quality control concerning frames per second and the picture dimensions/resolution. These two shot clips, were recorded in HD mode 1080p, 25 frames per second continuous shooting mode. The results came out pretty nice. You’ll definitely enjoy a satisfying video recording experience, sweet results in terms of HD, Freedom to shoot in cinematic look. Though it has it’s limitations. For the focus, the lens you are using plays a major role here and it’s smooth ring . But there were some annoying moments for me as well. And I am honestly going to lay them out. 

You quite enjoy the video look until you pump up the contrast int he editing mode and see the difference. 


I usually like to edit my videos using Adobe Premiere, but I did not have access to it for this video so I used simple and limiting editing provided online by Youtube. There, you can see, as I pumped up the contrast to +3, the video result changed significantly. The colors were brighter, better and satisfying.

Another thing I noticed is that you definitely need ND filters for video recording. And must put up with the ISO settings for the video. I intentionally added a small clip of the eagle in the second video where the ISO is messed up, despite the contrast pumped up in the editing, the need for ND filter was loud. Because the rule is simple: You can’t shoot a nonsense footage and expect it to become sensible in editing all by itself. And lastly, the sound quality is good. The camera mic does catch sounds amazingly but you definitely need to attach a microphone with it if you wish to catch only a specific sound, else you’ll be recording every freaking noise around. As you must have noticed, I have the original sizzling sound intact in some of the clips in the first video, and in other I had to turn the sound off in the editing since the camera caught all voices around. 

In a nutshell, There are certainly much better video quality cameras but if you happen to own 600D or plan to own it for the purpose of photography plus videography, then be assured, the results are beautiful. And all is well. And do you know you can enjoy Magic Lantern with your 600D? Go explore that.

In the end, what matters most is how you skillfully use it. The results depend on absolutely on your technique, features added to enhance your video result and the post processing to a certain degree. 

I’ll definitely be making more videos and enjoy the joy of film making, taking one step after another. If you have a videography experience as a film enthusiast or a blogger, you are more than welcome to share your two cents and your story with me. And Oh! I would love to hear the videography blunders. We all love that as they serve as a learning curve.