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Crispy Black Chickpea Samosiyan

Who doesn’t love samosay? And the mini, heart attack version of it, known as samosiyan. Ahh, they are a must eat item on every Iftaar table during Ramadan. For me, samosiyan is a childhood delight. I remember how we all cousins used to find joy in buying 5 whole samosiyan almost every other day out of our pocket money, because they were so inexpensive.  5 samosiyan in Rs 5! Hah! And I hear they are still inexpensive but the quality has been compromised. The ones we buy from the bazaar are often filled with rotten potatoes and not to mention the grease they use to fry them.

So as per my mother’ wish, we decided to prepare samosiyan at home and have our own favorite filling in it.


Now there are many people who prepare their own filling but one way or another, the fried version of it comes out way heavy on the stomach. samosiyan made with chicken, vegetables , mince or any other item are quite tasty though but what if you are unable to digest it?

I know how iftaar turns into a bad stomach evening then. So here’s a recipe that I am sharing, it would be light on your stomach and honestly, you wouldn’t even feel like you ate any oily/fried food. Give it a try.

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Things you need:

1- Samosa Patti (You can get it from any grocery store or even from a bakery)

2- Oil (to fry the samosiyan)

For the filling you need:

1- Black chickpeas (boil them)

2- Chopped Onions

3- Cheese

4- Green chilli , chopped

And salt & Pepper according to your taste.

You need to mix the ingredients together and make a crumbling filling. When done, make a paste of flour using water. You would be needing it to fold the samosa patti close.

Make as many as you want, deep fry them and voila! You are ready to enjoy it with any kinda sauce you like. I prefer yogurt chatni. I hope enjoy  …




  • Syed Roshaan

    omygoodness Pervisha, this is the cutest blog I’ve ever read lol! SAMOSIYAAANNN!!! ^_^ loved it!!!! I mean, we all can actually RELATE to that little childhood delight of choti samosiyaan! those little triangles of JOY! 😀

    • Khanum

      I am really pleased to have a wonderful response from all the samosiyan lovers across the world. Thank you. You rightly named them as Little triangles of joy. 🙂

  • Miss Maqsood

    By samosiyan you prolly mean the cute little teeny meeny samosayss!
    I love love love love looooovee themm!
    Samosiyaan and I have bahot puranaa taaluq! Whenever, as a kid, I visited India, I daily bought them from the samosay wala who used to come to our area at 4 pm. I bought them daily for two months bilanagha. They were for 2 for 1 one rupee, I guess.
    And after my vacation, he used to come n kam se kam do chakkar laga tha ghar ke till somebody informed him k samosay khaaney wali chale gayi 😛
    I agree with you nowadays they arent tasty and its one or two for 5 rupees i guess.
    Bachpan ki choti choti khushiyaan. Sigh!

    • Khanum

      haha, me too used to eat them at school bila nagha. It was such a joy man. Now its happy time at iftaar when I get to make samsoiyan almost daily. Rolls are also fun.

  • You actually wrote a proper recipe! Mubarak ho! 😀

    • LOL. Yes.

    • Khanum

      LOL. Yes.

    • Khanum

      LOL. yes. 🙂

  • eva

    this loooks delish!!!

    • Khanum

      Hey, welcome to my blog,Eva! Long time no see 🙂