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Dear God

They took my baby sister away last night. She was so tiny, so beautiful and innocent. But they took her away.  I could see the smile on her face, and her eye lashes were curled up… Her skin was so soft and white but her lips were purple. The blood was  oozing out of her neck because of the bullet wound.

I cannot describe to you the pain I saw in my mother’s eyes at that time. Everyone was wailing and crying but she silently held onto my sister like she’s never going to let her go. And my father … oh! He looked so pale when he took Aqsa back from my mother in his own arms that I wondered– I wondered if he would collapse right there with unspoken pain.  I wanted her to wake up then I swear… a part of me  wanted her to wake up and play with me again , make faces at me again throw toys at me again and be my parent’s happiness.. But she didn’t. .. And soon I watched my father carrying her in his arms to a place where they buried my brother, three days ago. His heart wasn’t afraid, though his body had several bullet wounds.

They dug up a hole in the ground and my father gently placed her in there. I was terrified to leave her there alone, and my terror doubled when they began to fill that space up with dirt. I cried. I cried so much. I cried because I knew she would never be back again. She was gone…

And now, as I say this , my friends are behind me and My crying father is carrying me in his arms, the same way he held my sister, I would be next to go now, I know … in that hole of dirt.  That’s where all the Muslims are going these days. To dirt.

My mother wept at that but said alright and kissed me madly.  Then held my small hands in hers for so long…So long that I began to ache. And In that moment of pain and helplessness, I whispered a prayer .. Dear God

A prayer for my Gaza to hold on…


  • Maria

    Ya Ilaahi… heart-rending it is.

    May Allah help them all.

    • Khanum

      Jazakillah for reading it, Dear. May Allah help every Muslim. Ameen