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Delicious Chicken Irani Boti at Bundu Khan & My Pakistani Sentiments.

Yesterday was girls day out.

My mother determined to take me out of my square room decided to lure me into fried finger fish trap. Because she was bored. And sick of cooking.

And trust me, its not really that easy to make me get out of my blanket and wash face with real water like water when its freezing cold in December. Not even shopping for new sneakers could shake me, but fish did. Somehow I got dressed. My sadness of nothing began to fade away.

In fact first I tried to make excuses to escape from this like look! omg! How foggy it is out there. But Mom is a mom for a reason you know. I wore blue she wore green and voila! After praying zuhr, I was on my way to eat fried fish from Bundu Khan. Mom had to make a stop at hyperstar to buy some bakery. It has got awesome bakery. Thats the only thing I like about that place. Other than that I hate the fact that hyperstar wouldn’t even let you drink anything inside the building. Even if you’re dying.

Anywho, I bought some of  my bakery stuff too. And the types of bread I got deserves a post on its on. I wanted to get baking utensils too but my budget was off already. So, happy and contended, I happily hopped my way to Bundu Khan because  I was simply in love with their fried fish until I met with a new cuisine.

Chicken Irani Boti (Grilled)

2013-12-16 16.01.12

Behold! The best chicken boti I have ever tasted (if my faulty memory serves me right). I swear I loved it! This is the dish which I have been introduced to by an Iranian I interviewd during my thesis days. He told me how Pakistan food is so spicy and how very nice and less spicy their food is. I got hold of their chicken tikka recipe and voila! I cooked it in summers but didn’t block it.

When I ordered fish finger, I had to order something more and new for my mother. She’s a high blood pressure patient and eating fish simply means high BP. So after thinking much, I narrowed down to Irani grilled chicken boti. I knew it would be something similar to the dish I had prepared at home but boy! Served with Naan this was even more delicious.

Before it got served, I forbade mom to taste any dish before I have photographed it to my heart’s content for blog. But the moment it got on table I forgot my own words and attacked the food. I was hungry. 🙁

2013-12-16 16.01.20

Sunny sides of the dish:

It was juicy, soft and served hot. Very delicious indeed. 5/5.

Not so sunny sides of the dish: 

1- Quite Expensive. It was for Rs 800 and something. I could throw a chicken party at home with that much green paper. 2/5

2-  Freaking small portions. The moment I ordered it, I got worried about the amount of pieces they would serve. You want good amount of food in front of you when you’re hungry and also when you have paid alot to get it. Total 12 pieces didn’t please me at all. That too small ones.  3/5

And I have noticed it almost everywhere in Lahore now, that serving less in plate and charging more money for it has become like a fashion. What has gone wrong with Lahoris? We are not in France where serving less is about class and money! We are Pakistanis. We are hospitable people.We like to eat and we want to eat 24/7.  It’s better we stopped coping other race on table etiquette.

Anyway, There’s always a first time for everything…coming towards Friend Finger Fish.

2013-12-16 16.01.28

I love this dish. Its the best thing I like to eat when I’m having severe flu. But this time I was terribly disappointed by Bundu Khan.

Last time in March and then before that time even, Whenever I used to eat friend finger fish at Bundu Khan, it used to be served with sandwiches. As far as I remember. But okay, maybe I am mistaking it. However, Could I mistake the quality of crisp ? This time it was served rather soggy. Soft is good but only from the inside. If the crisp that is supposed to be on the outer layer is not there, I’m sorry! It’s not served fresh and right  from the fryer. It was nor served very hot as it used to be. Really disappointed and am sure going to try out this fish somewhere else now. No more Bundu Khan for me.

Sunny sides: Out of order.

Not so sunny sides: I paid Rs 720 for something I anticipated a lot but didn’t quite enjoy it.

Final Remarks. Naan is Rs. 40. I like to enjoy I like to spend on food and fun but I also know the value of money. Especially when I’m unemployed. The reason I concluded, that why we Pakistanis spend money on expensive restaurants is because there are no good recreational activities or alternatives for enjoyment available to us. I wish Lahore had open air cafes. And some places where I can take my mother and let her enjoy quality food with quality environment around without me worrying over ridiculous bills.

After all, You can be a millionaire, but that doesn’t mean being conscious of your spending is haram on you and spending carelessly is wajib.

No more dinning out for me for atleast 3 months! -__-

  • Nicely written, although I felt at certain points that some details are unnecessary. Over all it I enjoyed reading your post and excited about Chicken Irani Boti. I am also fond of eat outs and good recipes, so, would definitely try this chicken recipe. Meanwhile, take a look at my blog too 🙂 http://pakigentlemansblog.wordpress.com

    • Every word is necessary and free of cost at a personal blog. 🙂

      Thank you for reading, and leaving a precious comment. And sure, i’ll check out your blog.

  • samia khan

    ahaa..:) nyc..:) (y)

    • thank you, and welcome to my blog. 🙂

  • ok 800rps is really cheap compared to here….and the food looks great!!! yum yum i had some barahi kababs today and they were soooo spicy.

    • The food was indeed mouth watering but Rs 800 is way expensive for us. A single Dollar is for Rs 107 here dear.

  • I really enjoyed reading the whole post . It s so nice to read reviews of places where you already went , from people who you don’t know 🙂 I love the bar b q of Bundu Khan though I happened to visit it twice or thrice only. The tempting food photos have made my mouth water. Prices are way too high but you know Pakistani people have lots of money to spend on food and clothes ! It was lovely being on your blog and I will continue taking its tour . Love this place. Best wishes xx

    • Welcome to my blog and thank you , dear! 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed reading it. I am though not happy with the pictures quality as snaps were taken with my fone. But thank you and do visit back.

      • Well In my opinion snaps taken from phone are the best ones as they are always natural and true 🙂 I will sure keep coming back as I love food, wherever i can find it 😛

  • I would recommend you to stick with Gourmet restaurant only! 😀

    For me they are fine and reasonably priced…

    • Ah! I like to explore new places and in that adventure process, I end up losing money. 🙂

      • Phir to yehi keha ja sakta hai:

        کیوں اُداس پھرتے ہو سردیوں کی شاموں میں
        اس طرح تو ہوتا ہے اس طرح کے کاموں میں