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Eid Mubarak!

If I were to compare the sweetness of the month of Ramadan with that of Eid, it would be simple: Bananas and Mangoes. Khanum’s not making sense right now. I know. But let me explain.

Both fruits are delicious, yes? Both sweet and both of them can upset your stomach if consumed too much. Likewise, Ramadan is a blessing that it doesn’t extend upto 29-30 days. And so does Eid, I am glad it is restricted to three days celebrations because its mostly spent eating a lot of food that we normally skip during the month of fasting.

Another comparison would be of weather. It was a total contrast. This year’s Ramadan was a tough test. I don’t know about others but Lahore was burning with heat. But a bunch of thanks to Allah Kareem, for sending us beautiful rain on Eid day. It rained till noon and a lot of our pictures were taken in that rain. It was amazing. I surprisingly had a better Eid this year as compared to the previous one. These little things, happiness and moments are a privilege. For those in Gaza did not even had the chance to celebrate Eid properly. May they be given high rewards for their patience and rewards to those who remembered them in their prayers on Eid.

Enjoy the random shots from the joyous day. Eid Mubarak, once again



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Me and my Diva cousin. 

We had alot of understanding that day. Mainly because I was the camera person. Otherwise, its cats and dogs mostly.


My beautiful maid. Mariah

She visited us with her sisters and cousin. Photographing her is like asking a very bey-chayn rooh to stay still.


My handsome monkey like cousins. 

The person on right is the same who made me walk all the way from Mall Road to Anarkali in very uncomfortable shoes.  Too shy to be on my blog.

And finally, the camera strap gets to be featured as well. My EOS that makes me take lovely photos.


I hope you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones, too. Real time at home I mean, not on facebook. I have more lovely pictures but they are personal shots and not meant for website. I missed my cat this time, though. In 2011, she was the gorgeous one on Eid. Click here to see.