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From Persia to France and to Turkey for some breakfast!

Boujour my beautiful readers! Let me entertain you with omelettes today. Not one, or two but three types of pretty eggs on plate. The menu was simple. Mom said there are only 3 eggs. Go make us breakfast with it. I was in the mood to make them happy with eggs (what did I just say?) so i decided to make it lil special by adding another culture’s twists.
Khosh mazze bood! And as you can see it looks cok guzel, too!


I truly enjoy exploring different cuisines. Isnt it amazing how there are so many different delicious breakfasts, lunch and dinner menus in the world out there? I find it awesome! What I like more is to try new recipes with same basic ingredients. In this case, I made eggs a new way.


I prepared Turkish Omelette using their special sausage known as sucuk. C is pronounced as J making it sujuk. I love this sausage. Its bit saltish but great in taste and delicious fir breakfast.


Next omelette recipe is Persian in origins. The name is Omelette Khorma & Tokhm e Morgh. Its really an easy, simple and sweetest omelete. I came across this recipe through  a food blog that I follow. It features awesome food photography with Persian cuisines. The sweetness from the dates compliments the saltish egg so nicely.


And finally. This is where you can say I used my imagination to save this french omelete. Something went wrong with the pan and It couldnt be folded as I wanted it to but … wait! I improvised on the presentation and gorgeous lightly browned potato chunks made a beautiful taste for morning.


I served it with jam, bread and butter bun. Teehee!

I like mornings. And I definitely like making mornings special with good hearty breakfast. Lets see what I make next time. Delicious hot poached eggs anyone?

Tip: Use 2 table spoons of water in one egg and just a lil milk. It would make the egg soft, fluffy and rise good.

P.S. I like simple boiled eggs. Or fried ones. But my family is big on omelettes.

  • Oh how I missed your posts, specially the food-related ones! I see that you’ve retained that sense of creativity in you 🙂

    I am a breakfast person so I’m absolutely delighted by this post! I’d be eating all those omelettes myself had I been there at your place 😉

    • Khushamdeed to my blog, long time no see nadoo! Thank you for missing my food posts.

  • Looks really good! I am unadventurous when it comes to breakfast, this has given me some new inspiration!

    • Thank you, Humaira! stick around. I plan to post more breakfast items. And ofcos, they will be pretty.

  • Syed Roshaan

    I was just checking if I had commented here because why the hell not.
    That bread …I’d call it the braided bread…looks so good I want to ask you how did you make that!!
    I liked the sausage omelette more than the dates one. And one more thing, that overhead shot of the breakfast table…killer!!! Get back to blogging regularly because if I get to see/read this stuff every morning then its going to be a GOOD MORNING FOR SURE!

    • Khanum