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Goats, me and some childhood memories

Goats and me! I don’t know why but we have always shared a very emotional relation. Probably because a goat’s baby was my first ever pet. My mother still narrates this story of how I got my first pet, to anyone who asks about my most crazy and stubborn childhood behavior.

I was around 3 or 4 when I went to a village with my family to attend a wedding. Everything had went normal, until at the last moment, when they were pushing me into the car to get back home, I started to kick back.

You can call it fate, as I call it destiny. There, I had my eyes met with the most adorable small creature known as goat playing in the field. Mum says, the moment I saw it, I started running after it. They would push me into the car from one door and I would hop out of the window. It continued for like 10 minutes, I started kicking everyone badly and cried like hell to have that goat.

Fortunately, by quirk of fate, I was gifted that goat instantly. It was the courtesy of our Hosts who had us invited to their place. And to this day I can assure you, they haven’t forgotten that incident. Nor has my family. I wonder why.

So I named that female goat as, “chandini”. Literally translated in Lingua Franca as Moonlight.


She was the most adorable and cutest pet I could ever ask for. It seems like she’s saying something in my ear, in the picture above.  😀

We both grew up together. And before she died, She gave us a son, I named him, “Chand”. Moon, in English, because just like his mother he was also beautifully white. He also grew up with me and then my family sacrificed him.

I am still not over that. But I am glad he had a noble ending.

So now what happens is, I get very sentimental and nostalgic when I run into goats. And on my trip to Fairy Meadows  and Nanga Parbat Base camp Last month, I came across many adorable goats that I can’t explain my urge to grab them and hug them until they hug me back.

Interestingly, This goat happened to be the naughty one that came near our camp site in search of food. This was the time when I was about to leave for base camp. I don’t know how much of my gibberish she understood but I tried my best to communicate to her my feelings by offering some tissues to nibble on and using, “Mai…maaiiii…mai” But she didn’t buy my rubbish. The good news is, my friend was able to capture the intimate moment between us and am very glad to have found this picture today.

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Here’s to the greatest goat that ever lived as my pet. I love you. And I would never replace you with any new goat baby, ever. But this one reminded me of you, seriously. Look! she even stares like you did, the first time we met.

I think I am going to throw a new tantrum again for a goat baby.

What’s your pet story?

  • That’s such a cute story from your childhood! That picture of yours from way back is absolutely adorable! I had several pets growing up – chicks, parrots, gold fish, cats, rabbit, turtle, a cow even. But I don’t remember getting too attached to them as you have with chandni.

    • Khanum

      Oh my my, a cow? So aborable. I also had chicks, cats and fish but never had a turtle. Thought we did keep rabbits for awhile and ducks, but immediately got rid of them as they are very smelly. My attachment with my pets has always been this way. I cried when my grown up chicks were given away and half of them sacrificed for food but never ever did I miss any of them, as much as I miss chandni and mano.