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Her Smile in Black & White


“Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.” 

Whoever said these words, said it so true. I enjoy photographing kids, especially when they are this bubbly. This little girl is my cousin, Mehr un Nisa, we call her Mehru.

Masha Allah! Her smile is quite photogenic and what’s more good about her smile is that it suits the black & white canvas. I personally love black & white photographs more than the color ones. They speak many things.  And the best day to take B&W photos in natural day light is when it’s cloudy and about to be rainy outside.




  • Shes soo cute mashaAllah her toothy smile ^_^
    I prefer B/W photos to the colored ones, I think in the latter ones you focus more on the colors but in B/W you focus on the actual subject more 🙂

    • I absolutely agree 🙂

  • She’s so adorable, masha’Allah! And she looks like such a willing and cooperative model 🙂

    Miss Maqsood – aren’t you supposed to be studying for an exam?

    • done ki donee-aa donee! I am done with my examssss 😀

    • Yes actually she’s very co-operative but, models ke nakhron jesa iska nakhra hojata hai when I shout, “Haan haan! wow, good good! nice shot esi hi raho Mehru” and there goes mehru un nisa all diva style! -__- Lol