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Homemade Ravioli: Khanum’s Version

I made Ravioli, for the first time, just few minutes ago. And because I am so excited about this, I edited the pictures in a jiffy and am posting it without any delay. 

Hey dear chefs out there! You got some competition now. I am not the master chef, but am definitely fabulously creative when it comes to cooking with less ingredients. So while you go baboons and nuts trying to make the best ravioli of the world with this and that, I made Vegetarian Ravioli with home made dough, Onions, one tomato, and two chillies. Take that !!

And no, I wont share my recipe details for the filling that I used in it. Because someday If I do manage to have my own restaurant, I would like to make this Ravioli as my signature dish. (There’s nothing wrong in aiming high and dreaming big)

Go ahead food lovers. Feast with your eyes. 







  • Syed Roshaan

    oh…my…goodness…looks amazing! looks luxurious! lol

    I have never had this before btw…so i dont know what this tastes like..

    • Khanum

      Thank you, Roshaan.
      Ravioli is an italian dish, made of pasta. It tastes like pasta but different because of the filling. You should try making it. Its easy.