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Imma Photo Mazdoor! Let’s shoot!

Sunday Morning, 22nd of December came with a refreshing promise for me. A Promise for Adventure.

I, along with a bunch of photographers and a great friend, (Gulabo) embarked on a cold journey towards Rana Resort. Approximately 76km away from Lahore, This beautiful place has 200 acres of thick bamboo jungle. Lush green beauty everywhere! And what I loved about this place the most was the silence and calm. Minus the bizarre people there and you have a perfect peaceful spot for walk and photography! Every color I noticed somehow seemed either green or brown to me. It felt like a combination of cold meeting warmth.

Speaking of warmth,  Let me mention, to get ourselves charged up for fatigue and hard work ahead, We made a quick stop  at some dhabba first for tea. (Uh- It turned out to be very meethi.)  And then Half way there,I realized I should have listened to my mum and wore high-neck underneath my sweater. It was damn cold.

Anyhow, after that we stopped at Head Baloki. Did snap snap and then Upon reaching the Resort after like 10 minutes or something, I for one became very displeased with the high pitched bizarre songs being played in the park or garden. Whatever it was. But as we moved further and towards the bamboo jungle, the sounds of civilization began to fade away somewhere in the background. Before us, was a calm beautiful jungle, waiting–and  inviting!


Kudos to Photo Mazdoor! It’s time that it finally got mentioned by me.

The Photowalk was organized by Photo Mazdoor in collaboration with Nikon! From transport expenses to refreshment and lunch, everything was included in registration fee Rs 1050 only. Isn’t it great? It’s my 2nd photowalk with Photo Mazdoor. The first being to Qila Rohtas! What an amazing and unforgettable day that was. Khanum almost fainted.

Yup, she did. No joke.

But thanks to the medical arrangements done by Photo Mazdoor, A doctor was among us on the bus at that time. She gave me on the spot treatment and I survived. Later on another brave photographer dropped almost dead in the bus on the way back from Qila Rohtas in Summers. But Again , thanks to the doctor with us, He was given drip and treatment immediately. The rest is history. All the photographers, work like soldiers on the field. They tirelessly shoot at any spot given and voila! The following photographs would be witness to it– how much hard work the photo mazdoors put in for the sake of photography. I hope you enjoy my few humble shots presented on this blog out of the many that I captured. As for the camera: I was fortunate enough to use a Nikon D7100 that I borrowed on the spot from the Organizer. The editing is done on Lightroom 5.2. An excellent software I must say. Its my first time using it and am already in love with this one. The photography presented is original work of Pervisha Khan.  but I am humbly requesting to people who love to steal from my blog that please! Have haya this time and do not steal it. Thank you.



I don’t know what is it about the above picture. The colors or the way it holds stagnant pond! silence and calm. I love it. I simply love it. That’s why you can say am an abnormal photographer.

Moving on, to the lunch we had. Delicious chicken prepared by the organizer themselves. NO JOKE!


And Now, some shots from the wild life inside the Resort.


And this is so far the last one am going to share. More may follow.

You must have noticed Almost every shot is taken vertically. Well, thats a kind of my thing. I somehow find things more pretty in vertical shots. Or perhaps its a bug in my head for vertical composing.

Anyhow, I hope you visit Photo Mazdoor and if you’re a photographer based in Lahore ,do subscribe to them. And since we are on the topic of photography, Check out Meem Noon Fotos page on Facebook as well. Its stunning work. Especially this picture I recently admired alot.

Coming Up next !

Today I attended a wedding at Church. My friend’s wedding. It was beautiful as I tweeted earlier that no matter where a marriage takes place, or who gets married, A Muslim or a Christian: A wedding is a Wedding. Quite a touching affair.

Too excited to relax first and have tea, I have already posted some glimpses of the ceremony at my facebook but unfortunately due to my busy schedule ahead and hectic day fatigue, I won’t be editing and posting the ceremony pictures for now. But in next post, in shaa Allah.

Walaikum salam! & Toodles!

  • awesome my love <3

    • Thank you, Am glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

  • Gorgeous photographs, Pervisha! You’ve done such a great job. I also admire the organizers that making it such a fun trip for all of you who came.

    My favorite picture is the first one. I could have it enlarged and framed, that’s how much I like it πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to the wedding post!

    • Thanks alot and Alhamdulillah. Am immensely pleased by your lovely comment. πŸ™‚

  • Good stuff! Surely, seems like a bright day.

    • Thank you And Welcome baq my Ghost Reader. Hope things are fine at your end. πŸ™‚

      • Honestly speaking, I am a regular reader but not-so-frequent commenter.

        Alhamdolillah. Hope that you’re well, too.

        • Oh. I see. And I thought my absent reader got busy in family life and left internet world or something.

  • awsum article and advntrus day at Rana resort.

    • Thankyou and welcome to my blog πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful pictures (y)

    • Thankyou my lovely Ms Maqsood πŸ™‚

  • I am eagerly waiting for the weding post.

    • you’ll have to wait for Atleast 4 days πŸ™‚

  • Good post and brilliant pictures! I wonder if you are on flickr?

    • Thankyou and Nope, am not there yet but now that you reminded me of it, i’ll consider making an account there. πŸ™‚

  • wow nice pictures!!! your camera quality is awesome!!! love them all

    • God bless you , Eva πŸ™‚ Thanks for the love I am glad you liked it and yes the Camera was also awesome πŸ™‚ but the editing plays a huge role you know. Lightroom enhanced the magic. I simply loved it.

  • Nice captures!