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Live up to speed with who you really are: The best of you

Originally written in summers, probably in June or July.

Bumblebee. Happy bumblebee. Ooo I like saying this word.

Do you often see the quotation, “Be the best version of yourself” and really feel it resonate within you, but do not know what is it or how can you possibly be the best version of yourself on a more stable basis? Here is a positive dose for you fresh from the oven of my inspired life.

Who am I? is perhaps the most pondered upon and the oldest question in philosophy. A question that if you seriously sat down to think about, would make you realize that it has no bottom.  And usually when humans fall into the hole of deep thinking well, with no bottom at all, a sense of pessimism engulfs them.

I have been there. A hundred times. And I have done that right, perhaps only a few times. But out of that well, when you emerge, you come out a victor no matter what you have learnt about yourself. So, today morning when I saw a post shared by a friend on Facebook, that spoke about a positive message for those who feel confusion about where are they in life, I instantly knew what my answer for that is and wanted to speak my two cents.

Who am I? I am many things. We all are many things. Many things wonderful. But who are we on the core level is the same for all of us; we are brilliant human beings capable of great love. Capable of great goodness and our purpose is to create glee and live joy in this life time on planet Earth, to share it with others, to like for others what we would like for ourselves. Our calling is to be the best of who we are and lead a ridiculously fulfilling, authentic, fun and one satisfying life. But why then, is it sometimes almost like a battle to live a positive life? Comparison is a thief of joy, so is depression, sadness and complaining. Also, when you do not embrace who you are, spiritually, physically and mentally, you feel a gap between where you are and how you would like to be or want to be. So in a way, you are your own enemy, there are no others.

I expressed in my last post how people find me totally a good positive influence and it has really become my true radiating energy. When I say this, it doesn’t mean I do not face blues or face energy fluctuations. As it happens, I am a human like you all, and next you know what I mean, but because of my constant love and pull for the wonderful life around me, I do manage to get back up on my feet after facing some blues.  In other words, when I connect to the positive energy within me, I am on my path. I am with my best self and smiling.  And because I am beginning to understand my energy and commit to it more on a daily basis, I recently received a positive comment from a friend who said she loves me for encouraging her to live positive. I had been meditating for awhile and I realized, okay, this is another best part of me that something I have to live up to speed with and when it came to uplifting another person, I regained some of my own perspective. Isn’t that wonderful how the so called teacher also gets to learn in the process? In this way, we all are students.

It is very  important to recognize who am I (you are love and light), and then maintain your connection with your own higher self (the best of you, not the perfect you but the best you) in a successful way and live the way you want to live. At first it seems all wishy washy and a daunting task, but there is great power and happiness in recognizing your core. Make a habit of meditating daily. Never ever, underestimate the power of  meditation and finding your balance. It is like that calibration system often found in smart phones. Same way, meditation provides you opportunity to find balance and recognize your energy. All is well. To sum it all up:

1- When you are centered, the world is your oyster. There is much love and happiness and sincerity to go around in this world. You have to see this all through the eyes of your higher self. There is happiness beyond any measures and abundance beyond your imagination. You can always choose your peace. Peace, not resignation.

2- When you see someone happy, living the best of life that they have created, and you feel glad for them, you are seeing them through the real higher self eyes. Your energy is purest and highest when you are being real loving you. It is also when you have truly mastered your connection with your self and it is a sign that your own happiness is flowing towards you and through you and you do not radiate hate at all. It is all love. Pure love. 

3. Whenever someone is living the best of their lives, appreciate it. Celebrate it with them. it only means they have mastered the art of living happily, and are living up to speed with who they are. If you are not where you wanted to be, it is not because what you want isn’t there, no one is keeping anything away from us, it is only when we repel it ourselves and not live up to speed with our own desires and aspirations or just choose to feel anxiety instead of peace. Listen to the voice inside you that is always fun, always good, always sincere and always pointing you towards the direction where your bliss is. That voice is God, guiding you gently and telling you, chin up. You are not alone in this.

So make a resolution today not to let any negative emotion cripple you or keep you away from being who you are. Embrace positive vibes. There is great magic in optimism. It is your true energy. In fact, it is the only true energy.  Rest of the versions are just shadows, often created by negative emotions over time and perpetuated. 

Smile and B.e.l.i.e.v.e.