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That Long Road to Ansari Clothing House

I am sometimes, beyond words stupid and run into stupid situations. But Thank God, tonite’s stupidity had nothing to do with my stupidity and was actually my cousin’s inability to remember Lahore’s map.

I am just home from a long a very long a painful walk. My feet are aching. Mouth is dry. The elders at our home are still discussing and laughing at me and my cousin’s recent blunder trip. I am sure you are dying to know now. Here’s a quick recap.

8: 35 PM: Me and my uncle leave home on his bike to go to my friend’s place. I had to return the camera lens and some stuff.

Around 9:06 PM: I drop off the stuff and we head towards Mall Road.

The reason was that my uncle wanted to exchange his son’s dress at Ansari Clothing house. Blue color was a big no no, apparently. My cousin wanted Black Kurta for Eid with dashing embroidery on collars so we made a stop at Mall Road. To our surprise, we found our cousin there, as well. We thought its best if we take him along. Now here comes the most stupid part.

Since me and my cousin, the royals we are, refused to sit on the bike with my uncle and look hilarious, my dear uncle took off to Ansari on his own and we two decided to get there on feet.

“Haan haan mamu, ap chalo. we are coming peeche.”

“Haan samne hi hai. Ajao jaldi”. And he goes off.

We two, start walking.

After 2 minutes: We are still walking.

After 5 minutes: Still on the road. Sweating. Walking.

After more minutes. ye kambakht kidhar hai Ansari?

Shazzy: Anarkali jana hai beta. Agle se bhi agla aur phir agla stop.

“oh my God! What?!!!!! And mamu left us to walk this much !!!!”

“Haan wohi mei heran, yaar. Papa ne ek baar bhi nahi kaha dobara ke door hai zid nah karo.”

“Mamu dhokeybaaz!” -__-

We keep walking in agony followed by annoyance.

“Thak gai? Can you walk till Anarkali? Paisey nahi warna auto kara lete”

Humph! I struggle to keep my breathing normal. “Mai? Haan. ni. mera matlab haan. mai theek. Nanga parbat itna chali. ye tou kuch nahi.. bas pyas lagi hai :'( ”

2014-07-08 21.17.56

Walk. Walk. Talk Talk. Then some clicks followed by more walk. Sweating. Gasping. Calling out for mommy. And then we finally reach at the most awaited cross roads. You know the Standard Chartered Bank and the shop opposite.

Bashir & Sons!? Exactly.

At this point my cousin realised we are on the wrong road to Uncle Ansari’s Shop. So I dial my uncle’s number. He talks to his dad and after a minute he hands my fone back to me, smiling wide.

‘what? what did he say?’

My cousin passes a smile, “Wo Ansari tou samne hi tha, yar. Film hogai. ” and makes me feel like he never made me feel before… Enraged. “Film hi hogai !! akheer hi hogai ab wapis jana pareyga.”




I can still hear my family’s LOL coming from all the way across the other room. They can’t believe how well they raised us and how stupid we turned out to be.

  • Now I’m sure both of you will never forget your way to Ansari Clothing House ever again 🙂

    Think positively about all the calories burned so that you can indulge in some tiramisu or fresh strawberry cheesecake on Eid 🙂

    • Khanum

      It was one heck of a lesson and I did burn some calories 😀