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Love & Hate in the House of Prayer

Imagine I told you, I am a suicide bomber, I want to kill people in the house of prayer because that’s where the stairs to heaven begin from, and that’s where I’ll have my peace. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about some injustice. But I just want to kill because I love to hate others. And I have been told, the more I kill, the more points I gain, the more pious I become. The more stairs I climb, and the more charity am doing to humanity.

Would that make sense? No.

Can you believe what I just said? I can’t believe myself either. And no matter how many times I try to play the role of a suicide bomber in my head, or try to think from his perspective, I simply cannot fathom, just simply cannot understand the whole point of suicide killing in the name of religion.  These acts are way too illogical. Way too inhumane. To top it all, killing people in the house of worship, in a mosque? Oh. This is just too beyond the simply logic of my delicate mind. 

And that’s why the day I got to hear the news of suicide bombing event in a mosque right in the middle of SAUDIA, I gasped. My goodness! Are you freakin’ kidding me? That was my expression! Exactly that! I simply froze. I could not believe what my Turkish student was telling me. Her husband, who sat across the table, looked up from his newspaper and sadly nodded his head in affirmation. Signaling me to believe what his wife was telling. 

I hadn’t read the newspaper that day or watched news at TV so I had no idea that Terrorist Organization IS’s handiwork had reached Saudia Arabia, too. The suicide bomb attack was an attempt to create shia/sunni/wahabi riots. God… for several moments I stared blankly at the newspaper reading the headlines. It was unbelievable. 

Bomber Saudi

Several minutes passed, I came back to reality. Sipped on my tea and surveyed the rest of the newspaper. And BAM!!! Holy crap! 

I found a news that shocked both my student and her Husband as they hadn’t read it so far. PRAYER LEADER BLOWS HIMSELF UP IN MOSQUE! wait, what!? Ms Yasmin jumped on her seat.

This time, she was the one with the expression, Are you freakin’ kidding me?

No, ms Yasmin. I am not. 

Prayer leader


“Ms Pervisha? Prayer leader means Imam? It’s imam right?” She asked me again and again as if I had spoken swedish and my words were alien.

“Yes. Yes. Yes” I assured her of my sanity levels by repeating the word ‘yes’ several times.  And we all just stared at each other.

To be honest. I was blown away myself and had to read the news twice to believe it. It was a horrifying  to read that Imam Masjid too got loony? What the hell happened to faith and sanity?

As if this wasn’t enough, I got the 3rd surprising news and by this time it was more like a series of unfortunate Hilarious events rather than tragedies for us. Astaghfirullah. Check the irony. I was literally laughing at this point out of disbelief. Isn’t funny what’s happening now adays? It’s so alien my brain can’t even process it anymore.

The 3rd and final joke of the day was about the Turkish imam who committed suicide in the middle of the mosque. There you go ladies and gentlemen. Simply throw away all the logic, faith and hope out of the window. 

The imam who hanged himself up in the mosque, I don’t know what was he going through or thinking. But whatever the despair one encounters, Imam is the last man I could think of, committing suicide. My Turkish Principal,  looked at me. I looked back at him and I noticed sadness on his face, that welled up with a smile to highlight the irony.

His words were and I quote, “If Imam masjid can do this, what will the followers do who prayed behind him?!” 

Our actions send signals to others, either to learn from them or turn away from them. Please, choose your actions wisely. Send good signals to the society and humanity on the whole. And as far as the issue of religion is concerned, I have a beautiful idea. Let’s just forget we are Muslims, Christians, Jews or Hindus. The world should just put aside the major Religion labels for awhile and talk about principles of humanity first without associating yourself with any religion.

Ask yourself, 

1: Am I a good human?

2: What good am I doing for myself and people around me?

3: Would I kill anyone?

4: What is decency for me?

5: Do I have the manners, tolerance and patience to accept the differences of other people and not hate them for this?

6: Am I all for love or am all for hate?

Please note that I used the word “I” in the questions. Because rather than thinking, is he/she a good human or a Muslim, we should be asking ourselves, are we right enough ourselves? Are we on the right track?

If you are for love, then you’ll find yourself not on the extreme points but always at moderate level where you do not refuse to learn and grow as an individual by observing everyone. I personally try to avoid hate speech for religious and non religious people altogether because it’s the character of a person that defines first who you are. For instance, if abusing is in your nature, then it doesn’t matter if you are good core Muslim or weak core Muslim. You are just an abuser for me and in the eyes of the people. Your religious affiliation or spirituality has got nothing to do with it. So regardless of the faith you follow, try to be a good human first. Be strong at that. Don’t go into hate speech. Be beautiful as a human inside out.

I wish those suicide bombers knew this. I wish they had chosen to spread love in the house of prayer than hate and death. 

I should stop writing now, my blood pressure is going to flare up thinking about this madness.


  • Syed Roshaan

    If everyone could spend a little time orbiting the planet in some space station, at least ONCE in their lifetime…MAYBE our perception about life and death would change for the good.

    • Khanum

      Yes, Maybe. They should make a space prison and send all the extremist minds to live there in isolation so they can reflect upon their actions.

  • Mr…. Lorenzo

    Hitler must come back to life instead of Jesus and this time he has to let the JEWS live but slaughter all the Imams mulvies etc … AMEEN

    • Khanum

      You reminded me of someone. I can’t stop laughing right now.
      Well. On a serious note, don’t you think that’s bit harsh. Asking God to slaughter humans, whether they are mulvis or no mulvis. Some Imams and mulvis are normal human beings, even Jews. I watched a documentary once that Jews are allowed to sit in Iran’s parliament. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Motamed

      I don’t think Hitler would have been tolerant enough to give a seat to minorities in his parliement if he had any.

      It’s all about labeling humans I guess. I also get to hear am mulvi as mulvi word has become a stigma. So it would mean I too shud die. I would rather like to propose that all bad mulvis and popes who do wrong things behind closed doors, shud be sent to another planet.