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Some Lullabies & Love | #1 Best Seller by Lang Leav

Let me grab my good mood coffee to go with this. I’m lovin’ blogging about it.

 Do you love reading words that are way exhilarating and enchanting? Then you must not miss reading Lang Leav’s new books; #1 Best Seller Lullabies  and Love & Misadventures, available at Amazon worldwide.


A while ago I posted on my Facebook page, that how I have never been a fan of poetry but reading some fine English pieces and short notes by some beautiful strong, heart broken people have made me fall so much in love with writing all over again, that am consumed with beautiful thoughts even in my dreams.I want to keep on writing something. Not just anything, but something heart felt. I want to write about beautiful monsters. Things that I feel, thoughts that I have. Even if they are about people I have never met or known. That’s the magic about good literature. It makes you jump out of your own skin and touch new imaginative dimensions, you know? 

This is what reading Lang Leav’s Lullabies does to you. And then some pieces from Love & Misadventures are so damn good that you’re left thinking about so many similar emotions.  Here I would quickly share some pieces from her which are my favorites among many.



photo 2 (2)




About the last piece I would say, I have never read anyone or heard anyone talk about “cyber love” as beautifully before, as Lang did. She knows how to play with words, and most importantly, not just play, but knows how to give voice to the feelings untold. 

You can order these books at amazon, easily. Grab a cup of coffee then, and enjoy your blissful time with amazing friend; a poetry book.


  • This is so sweet! I want to read this now! Looks like a perfect read for wintry days and a cup of hot chocolate! 🙂

    • Khanum

      🙂 Reading beautiful things make you write beautiful things in return. So be sure to have a pen and paper ready by your side when you read this book, and sip your hot chocolate.

  • inisuha

    This book quite popular at my place as well.Maybe I should get a copy for myself.