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Lunching munching these days & good reads

If you want me to love you. You must love food & books.   

Why? Because I lurve them! … And because … I would  probably judge you on your choice of books and zauq for eating.

What is more enjoyable than food and having a good book in hand. I prefer this more than having the company of people. In fact, I can party alone with tasty food itself without any other human around. Spend my entire day reading something than be out there with people. And that is exactly what I have been doing lately: trying out new things whenever I get tired at my workplace. I either eat something new or read something new. Since eating delicious things puts me in good mood and I do have a thing to taste everrrry new food item before me, I have made it my mission to keep my lunching munching and reading records and tell you how it actually tastes. Should you spend money on it, or forget about it all together. This job, it’s delicious fun. Expensive on my pocket but boy! Does it excite me or what!

The books on my currently reading list are Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, The Poisonwood Bible, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Book of Questions by Pablo and more that I would lurve to dedicate an entire post to. 

The cafes tried out by me are Kitchen Cuisine and Latteria Mozarella. So far so good, but so expensive. Would I recommend them? Yes. A big yes. But all of their items? uh ha ha. Lets see that. 

For now, enjoy the tasty bits & pieces.

  • Jess Bless

    I found your blog while looking for a picture of the starry sky. I love your spirit!

    • Khanum

      Thank you for your lovely comment! Visit again <3

    • Khanum

      🙂 Thank you!