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Morning Surprise – Where the Raavi Flows

Last night the sky seemed like making a promise of sending us rain in the morning. Alas, it hasn’t rained so far except for little drizzle here n there but we sure got gifted with surprisingly beautiful winds. My family dragged me from my bed this early morning to enjoy this alluring weather at Raavi River – courtesy of our chief Minister – we now have a beautiful little space there- gardens at both the sides of the Raavi road.

We walked , we talked. I walked much and talked less and ofcourse , clicked my camera alot. This morning was a wonderful surprise. We had our breakfast of halwa poori there. My eyes and head hurtΒ  though yet it was fun.

Only after a few shots , I got tired of the heavy camera – I wanted to enjoy the winds rather than shoot as usual , so before you todayΒ  are pictures captured via cell. Samsumg Galaxy. Not bad results though. Enjoy!

On my return I came across a little league of cricketers playing at the field. They were friendly enough and also bit shy to pose for my camera. I have told them I would come again tomorrow early morning – way early around 5 and play with them as well as shoot them. With camera ofcourse.

And Now the whole Cricket Team.

And Eid finished people. I have one little surprise left though. Maybe I’ll post tormorrow. Too sleepy now.

Assalam o alaikum!

  • I love black and white portraits πŸ™‚

    • And I was wondering people would question me why am I obsessed with Black n white images.
      I admire them as well.

      • There is a certain classic beauty to them that just fascinates me. Lol and yea people ask me that too…

        • Exactly..Yeah
          They are simple, elegant yet so powerful and alluring.
          Its strange why people question, really. They tell me I am a girl, m supposed to speak colors and girly. lol strange!

          • Lol and they tell me that this makes me look like a sad Goth etc etc -.- Funny really

          • oh wait. U haven’t heard what more they tell me. Its super hilarious. I sometimes really wonder am I weirdo or people.

          • Unique is not weird πŸ˜› and sure do tell sometimes it will be a hoot πŸ˜›

          • I don consider myself unique. Perhaps its just that they are too regular and average. dunno.

            Haan suno, shok se.
            Onetime it wasn’t said on my face but I did know what’s going on in their head. As most of my own pictures are in black n white, They suspect I am tryin to hide my skin color which by their judgement is perhaps black. So this effect hides it.
            I can’t lol enough on this. I am not African. If I was, it would have been evident even in black in white. Seriously people!

            People judge more and observe the wisdom less.

          • Lol wow … The sad part is that people still care about skin colors more than what makes a person

          • cause they are shallow..n hollow. Worshipperz ov their own desires n desires no matter how ugly itself, only seek perfction n beauty on earth.

          • Everything is beautiful in its own way

          • spot on.

  • these were lovely!!! so interesting too. belated Eid mubarak!!!

  • Quite picturesque:)

    • Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, thankyou.

  • You’ve earned yourself a new regular visitor Miss. Khanum. There, I said it. πŸ˜› love your invisible feet. vese khusay ka size bohat chota nai hai πŸ˜›

    • Thank you, Bravo for the courage to say it and Khushamdeed.
      And dont say that about those shoes. Feet might mind it very much.

  • Well done with the B&W photographs! I really admire photographers who can take beautiful B&W pictures because it’s something I’m really not good at. I tried, but the picture doesn’t “speak” to me. But yours are so pretty!

    • It’s all about lighting darling. Thanks for the appreciation. I too simply drool over black n’ white photographs given their simplicity and dynamics.

  • Raheel Adnan

    Souls are colourless and photographing B&W is to capture not people’s skin but their soul.
    Though my favourite here is photo number one.

    • Souls have no color ? Hmmm : ) that’s an interesting notion. however..I believe they do..

      Yes, my favourite is also the first one. The Bridge to be specific and a crow flying over. Thank you for the visit and welcome more.

      • Raheel Adnan

        Souls are a representation of ourselves; mine may be colorless and your in blue.

        Wondering why ‘Photography Drift – The Blog’ returns ‘Error 404 – Not Found’.

        • Hmm. You have a point I am not denying. However I have a point which I don’t know if anybody agrees upon. But I firmly believe, True colors are embedded in souls. asal rang sirf ruhon ke hote hain, Baki ye jism, sab maya hai.

          I apologise for that error. I have been playing with that blog recently. Click on ‘about the photographer’ page and it will direct you to posts. : )