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One more way to express yourself: Draw!

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  ― Pablo Picasso

Do you like to paint in your mind but never had the talent to stroke the brush on canvas for real? I’ve never been talented at painting or drawing straight lines. Where my mum and uncle are famous for their artistic mind in the family. Am more loved as a creative person, doing this, photographing that! But recently, I started taking interest in doodling as a self help therapy. I felt am able to express myself and my moods through the bizarre pieces I create. Its not like calligraphy at all. Where calligraphy demands from me the neatness, I feel quite free in doodling and painting anything with regular weatercolors. But here’s the thing. My mum still fears that I am going to ruin the canvas with my inconsistency and childish art. So I decided to give up the paper all together and picked up the tablet for some android painting. The applications are free and quite easy. And some of them allow me to playback my creation step by step. Here’s what I made few weeks ago.


This image at first glance reminds of a peacock. There was this chinese tale book of a peacock I had as a child and the book contained some of the most beautiful illustrations.  Although I had flowers in my mind when I drew this, but now it looks like a piece of peacock to me. I like the way the vibrant colors are settled on the soft water like shade.


Thats Eiffel Tower there. When am in a very rainy and good mood, I draw this. This time though, I felt like I have drawn Minar e Pakistan instead.


And this is something my mum really understood even when I couldn’t. I showed her this so she can laugh but it turned out, this image of the heart amid chaos got approved by her as my way of expressing, I am feeling like this!

I would encourage you all to install some painting apps and go ahead. Draw. Sometimes creating something childish gives this feeling of being heard when something inside of you is screaming to come out. Or when you are happily free and have nothing to do.

  • Some great creations! Never stop looking at the world in childish wonder, it’s what pushes us beyond the bounds of human imagination.

    • Khanum

      Thank you, H! And yup, let’s never stop looking at the world through our wonder kaleidoscope. 🙂

  • Khanum

    Thank you so much for your nice comment, Londoneya!
    Indeed you are quite right. I had no idea what I am going to draw I just started doodling a heart and then wanted to mess it up. It turned out that its actually the way my own heart is feeling at the moment. Messed up. lol

    Great to see you back.