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A quick run to Jinnah Park

If you would ask me , when was the last time I had any mind-boggling unplanned fun, I would say , when I was a toddler in University. That is the best time when you can hangout without any plans and can actually get some fresh air in your lungs. Once you’ve bid your university goodbye, you become this lazy lady at home who just eats, sleeps, prays, blogs and cooks occasionally.

It’s super great in its own way sweetie, but I have to be honest, it’s also super depressing.

You got to go out, Pervisha.You got to go out. I kept thinking this and fell asleep around 4pm. And voila! Sharp at 6 in the evening, I woke up to a surprising evening.

My friend with her lil sister marched in with a hurricane like force, dragged me outta bed and ordered me to get my veil cause we were going out.

Woooah! Realllyyyyy! wait! what!?? For a moment I couldn’t decide, was I up or just dreaming.

It all happened so fast that without even changing my clothes, I found myself in her new car within a minute. And guess what we did?! We went to Jinnah Park for a 5 minutes walk. Only. 

Yeah yeah, I know. that’s a short duration but my friend had a pretty tight schedule.

So, Upon entering the Garden, we found this papaar man. I can’t explain to you how nostalgic this all was. The last time I had visited Jinnah Park in my BS days. But the details I noticed today in just 5 hungry-for-outing-minutes were extra ordinary.

IMG_20140607_193228 (1)

Can you note a very funny thing in this picture? No, don’t count the papaars but  pay attention to what else he has on that tray.

THAT MAN probably owns a better cell than me, you see, and my mistake I forgot to ask its model number.ah.

Moving on, we passed through the white building known as Jinnah Library. Below is the image of one side of the structure. The other side was full of people.

2014-06-07 18.31.30

I just love that building. The interior is beautiful no doubt but the exterior and its  white color gives you just so out of the world feeling, you feel like you’re in Britain or something. And That’s when I noticed a pack of Uncles and aunties having desi picnic on stairs, at the other side of the building. It was so funny to see people making comical poses for couple photography. I bet the villagers enjoy there more than city people.

Anyway, like good people, we didn’t dare disturb their activity. Instead , we turned towards this.


The sun was setting so beautifully behind those trees. I felt wonderful just looking at the fading sky and those tall trees. They looked so new to me. It’s amazing how so many places, when visited after a long time, can give you this much wonder and happiness.

1 minute later, making a turn, we saw this thoughtful sign board by PHA set at the exit area.


We all admitted it was a great message. So, to honor their wish, I photographed our footprints.


This picture would serve as a great memory for me and my friend now. (Guess where’s my footprint) And if PHA ever comes to visit my site, I can assure them as well that we didn’t leave any juice boxes or lunch boxes or any plastic wrappers in their beautiful Garden. It must be “the uncles & aunties”. All we took were photographs, and all we gave were our sincere admiration for one of Lahore’s most awesome places.

The next time we go, I hope we get to eat ice cream as I’m all about food, and I hope we have our own picnic there, too. I am such a die hard fan of picnics.


P.S. Because of the afra tafri, I forgot my camera at home , that’s why all the images were taken with my precious galaxy which is begging me for retirement.


  • Looks like a great park! That building is incredible! Fantastic that photographs are encouraged!

    • Welcome to my blog, Londoneya! 🙂
      Yes, that building is surely incredible and much more interesting when visited from the inside. It used to be a ballroom during the period of one of President Bhutto I believe. And now it’s a library. A very famous one.

  • Jinnah Library looks like one of the buildings in the Harvard University campus!

    Whenever I visit Karachi, my mom would insist that I bring the most ancient cellphone in the house with me when I go out for shopping, etc. as snatching is, unfortunately, pretty common. And this papaar wala is actually flaunting his smart phone 😉

    • Dear Nadia, welcome to Khanumsays and a big warm hug!
      That building is actually a British Structure I believe, angrezon k zamaney ki hai ye amarat so the effect is quite foreign.
      Your mum is right. My mom doesn’t let me carry my camera everywhere due to the same reasons.