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Read Millions of Kindle Books, No Kindle Required

I was hanging out at Amazon site just like that and found the best offer. I don’t know if you have heard about Kindle device or no but this offer is going to make you so much happy. Especially, if you’re into reading books on your android device or smartphone!  FOR FREE! I understand that buying a Kindle is an expensive affair but don’t worry, you can still take advantage of the kindle.

Here’s something even BETTER! Its the kindle Reading App for most of the devices like Tablets, smartfones and even PCs! Isn’t it great?

All you have to do is, signup on the Kindle Cloud Reader (read.amazon.com) on the desktop and Kindle reading app on the mobile devices. 

Instructions on How to Get Free Books:

I have given the link to Kindle App on the right side bar as well.

1- Go to  Kindle Cloud Reader 

2-  A web page would open up, look for the Kindle Store on the Top Right corner , click that and it would lead you to Amazon bookstore page with a banner that reads Free Kindle Reading App.

3- Click on that, Enter your email address and voila!

Download and read as many free books as you want!  no more hassle of first downloading/converting PDF files or EPUBs and then transferring to my android. Enjoy your free kindle.



 *Conditions may apply for Pakistani Citizens.

  • Very interesting! What type of books do they have there?

    • Khanum

      From fiction to non-fiction. They have a pretty huge library which unfortunately we, Pakistanis can’t avail from. This is extremely annoying.

  • Kero

    yay! great news for any voracious reader. I like to read for as long as they come free or costs now higher that 10AED =)

    Time to login to my Amazon account again — after so many years!

    thank you for sharing.

    • Khanum