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Reclaim your Heart & Enjoy your Life

A bookish affair.

When I was going through my college life, especially during my BS 1st semester days, I had grown quite fond of reading non-academic books in my break time. I guess I did it cause of two reasons mainly.

1. Because I was book crazy

2. Because I was happy when left alone

So the books that I read 24/7 were not just any books, they were my friends who were fantasy novels, historical accounts, fiction stories and intense pages that spoke of world maps and treasures. No wonder I finished over 32 books in just 1 month. Do the math now.

Time went by, soon I found myself interested in Islamic books. This was the turning point in this blogger’s life. It wasn’t just about reading about Islam but I’m talking about real craze for buying big fat books each month from either Darussalam or somewhere else and then read it again and again until I am satisfied with it and granted pocket money to buy more.

The first Islamic book I ever bought with my own money was Atlast of the Quran. The story about how I got this book is quite interesting actually. I was at Anees Book Corner that day, located in the Main Market. It was my best night cause whenever I received my pocket money I would go straight to that bookstore with my mum and spend all the Quaid-e-Azams on buying printed pages. So just like that, while looking for any suspense killer books on the large books shelf, my eyes suddenly fell on this one. I asked the man what is it, can I have a look at it? And he only explained to me that its about this this and that and its price is Rs. 700.

In those days, Rs 700 meant, a nice big fat burger, a nice pair of shoes, a nice delicious shawarma with extra chicken in it and the nice fat feeling of spending on multiple items. So spending those 3 figures on one item only somehow made me think alot. I looked at the books in my hands that I had already picked up, and then back at the book sitting high above on the shelf. Either I could buy Atlas or the novels. And I chose fiction over reality.

That day, I left the book store with a very heavy heart. I wanted that book. I needed that book. But perhaps, I didn’t have the enough will to purchase it at that time?  Few days later, Alhamdulillah, after experiencing a change in heart I finally got it and ever since that day, I totally changed. That one book, changed my life and the years to come.

I wish to share my book shelf with you all one day, and iA I will, but for now, let me just recommend few books that I believe , would truly change your perspective on life and make you a better person. A better human. And a better Muslim.

1- Enjoy Your Life by Muhammad al-Areefy

The reason why I would recommend it to you is straight and without exaggeration, enough to make you read it. It is one cool book written by one seriously cool Sheikh.

Yes, A Sheikh! Its hard to believe right? I mean, in this part of the world , Molvis and Scholars are usually not referred to as cool writers. But I’m honestly telling you. This one is a real gem.

You can click on the image and follow link to read the first few pages of the book. Its kindle edition is available in $3.99 which I believe is fairly reasonable.

The version that I got was published by Darussalam. But now I see on amazon that same title is available by another Publisher. You can check it out as well.


2- Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

This book needs no introduction from me. It’s unique and a very important medicine for the people with broken hearts, empty hands, hopeless souls and the ones who need to let go of false friends and illusions. This is the book that beautifully reminds you of your illness and then guides you to the cure. Allah.

Whether a male or a female, I think this book would benefit you regardless of your gender orientation.

When you have friends, don’t expect your friends to fill your emptiness. When you get married, don’t expect your spouse to fulfill your every need. When you’re an activist, don’t put your hope in the results. When you’re in trouble don’t depend on yourself. Don’t depend on people. Depend on Allah.” – Yasmin Mogahed

I hope you would give these books a try. And when they benefit you in anyway, remember to remember me in your prayers then.

  • Im havent read too many books . Just few .
    reading Riadus Saleheen and have read Al-Farooq so far. One day if i ever have credit card i will try those books. btw there is no Like button on ur site 😛

    • Oh, do not worry. The amazon links are there for people who can shop online. for the ease you know. If you cant do that, you may visit any good and grand book store there and am sure they would be having these books 🙂
      Let me see if I can add that “like” button. Its a self hosted wordpress blog now. Some features have to be added manually.

  • yeah now im the 1st one to click like button even before u 😛 U r welcome

  • Roshaan

    I love non fiction books. (with lots of color images ) :p

    • If you mean medical books by that then surely they are also very fascinating. But creative writing is something else you know. You gotta read such stuff, too.

  • Jazak’Allah for such beautiful recommendations! My personal favorite is Saifur Rahman’s The Sealed Nectar, which I’ve read and reread multiple times.

    • Alot of people have recommended that book to me. I saw it on the shelf at Darussalam, too but was unable to get it at that time. iA i’ll get it and read it now somehow. Reading his peace be upon him biography is always such a great experience. You never get tired of it.

  • I love Enjoy your life…it fills you with hope,optimism. I had read tht when i was going through “low point” in my life and there couldnt be a better time than that. I am so thankful to the Lord for that book. May Allah bless the sheikh. Aameen. But sadly, couldnt complete the book, cz the book owner was going away n he had to
    Take it with him. So inshaAllah i am going to get a copy for myself n finish it soon. 🙂
    Reclaim your heart, I so badly want it. Gotta save for it then inshaAllah will buy it.

    • I , too had borrowed it to give it a try and I immensely loved it. Its such a positive book. May Allah reward the writer. It took him years to compile these wisdoms. And Yasmin’s work is a masterpiece too.