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Because of a stupid cute Frog!

Have you every thought about all the things and professions you wanted to go for when you were in school? I really am wondering, why didn’t I become a doctor? It’s one thought , a kind of regret that I have these days because of my injured cousin. Tomorrow it’s my turn to visit him and stay with him, and whenever I’m on duty there, I do think a lot about this.

Why am I not a doctor? When I have all the plus points.

  1. My handwriting sucks, like theirs do.
  2. M studious like they are. 
  3. I love science, like they do.
  4. I have absolutely no social life when I’m stuck with books and work.  Like they are.
  5. And I definitely can survive for long hours without sleeping, like they do.

Then why didn’t I pursue Biology? Answer: Because I am a Marshmallow.

Who couldn’t dissect the drugged frog in her biology practical class. I was more worried about where to properly bury the frog after my classmates are done with it.  Poor froggy.


I had this craze for becoming a heart specialist. My dedication to biology was like super heavy for my school teachers, basically because I was a computer science major at first and after realizing ,oh! What crappy thing it is to study computer parts! I decided to switch subjects and jump into Biology group. Where only 4 other students existed by the way. The only girl there before me was my friend, GullRukh. May Allah rest her soul in heaven, we had the most fabulous time in our group. There used to be a guy short in height. We named him the smallest particle of an element, meaning An Atom! Then we had another crazy guy who wanted to study something advanced in biology and always stole his father’s anatomy books and brought to school. We were all mad hats.

Getting in wasn’t easy of course, my teachers were furious for this sudden move of mine. 

“How can you even dare ask us to shift you to another group when finals are on your head!??” 

They were so furious with me that they decided to gave me the toughest test to clear. All I had to do was prepare the previously covered syllabus by the group mates and score minimum 60% to get a seat next to the creepy guy in class. They wouldn’t even let me sit with my friend at first thinking I changed subjects to be with her. So funny!

Anyways, I aced the test. Now since its my blog and if I tell you I got the highest marks , beating everyone else, You would say, oh Pervisha, don’t joke. But I swear on pizza, I totally changed shocked myself, too, when I scored the highest. The teacher who was furious suddenly saw great potential in this new student. 

But non sense happens you know. Do you think my life became splendid after that? Nope! As much as I was adored by my new group, my Computer science group felt I am a traitor. All the girls and guys stopped talking to me and I hardly hung out with them during break time. But I stayed strong.

Then why didn’t I become a doctor?

Because of a stupid cute frog! 

Have you ever given up any school dream because you got afraid and thought you got no stomach for it? Its my sincere advise. Be brave. Unless you are happy with your decision to walk away from it and dream a new dream.