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Tea at Sukh Cha’n Salt’n Pepper Cafe

Are you looking forward to spend time with your friends and sit for long hours without spending much money? This is the place to crash.

After attending a focus group of bloggers somewhere else and having our stomachs full with lunch,  me and my two friends decided to have tea at English Tea House. We just wanted a corner to sit, relax, and start chatting about our troubles since we were meeting after a long time.

Ideal evening, right? so it was.

We got into (my teacher cum Mphil mate cum a very good friend’s) car and drove off. The funny part was, we all three were so busy chatting and bickering that we lost our way to English Tea House and landed at Sukh Chan, Salt’n Pepper instead. Sukh Ch’an is basically a well reputed wellness club with gym and swimming pool facilities, but they also have this cafe inside which is also open for non-members.


Two of us ordered Tea, while the third one went for Lipton’s green tea. And then to have something sweet to go with it, we ordered a brownie that we shared. Chocolate mousse cake was unfortunately not available despite of being on the Menu card, nor was Peanut tart.

Here comes the tea now with freshly baked brownie.






Yum ! Yum ! Yum ! we lost our minds over that brownie and I couldn’t decide what to do with my canon. We both are inseparable these days. But so as me and food.

So either I could enjoy what was on the table or photograph it with perfect composition.

I decided to choose the former option. Did snap snap snap quickly and then put aside my camera to enjoy my tea.


Our cells went on silent mode and minutes  turned into hours. Nobody came to bother us that why we had been sitting there for so long when we had no tea left in our cups. I believe, such places where they bring you the bill as soon as you’re done eating is bit impolite. They literally keep an eye on you. But at this cafe, everything was just so calm. I noticed that even the music wasn’t loud. For me, this means decency and they gain my approval.

Although this wasn’t my first visit to Sukh cha’n Salt’n Pepper Cafe, but when I had visited it last time, I was in 2nd year and not a blogger.

Being a blogger now, automatically turns my mind towards noticing little details of the places I visit because I feel like my readers deserve to know.


That’s my Teacher cum friend sitting over there, looking at the children playing in the swimming pool outside. It’s the the open air section.


I tried to take the shot of the swimming pool area from the place where I sat comfortably. I just wasn’t in the mood for getting up and play the role of a photographer so I stuck with lazy shots.


That’s my last shot of the evening as we drove off to our homes. But what an evening it was!

If you wish to check out this place, Click Here

Address: 25-H, Gulberg II, Lahore (near Salt’n Pepper Grill)



  • There’s something about a brownie that makes one forget everything 🙂

    Happy to you know you and your BFF had a great time together.

    • I absolutely agree 🙂
      And yes, we had a great time.

  • This is the dilemma every blogger/photographer faces when presented with a delicious meal/dessert: should I eat it first or should I photograph it first? Haha, gets me every time.

    • Exactly. To feast or not to feast, is literally the question. lol