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A beautiful gift: The Story of the Elephant by shade 7

All grown ups were children first.  (But few remember it)

And what better way is there to remember your childhood joys,  than to read your favorite story book from the past. Its one thing I do, again and again, to feel happy. So when someone recently gifted me another storybook and gave me more reasons to feel like a child again, I had to blog it.


Just before Eid, I received World’s first Quranic Pop-up book, “The Story of the Elephant” from Hajera Memon, The Founder & Managing Director at Shade 7 Publishing in UK. I know the gift was on its way as Hajera wanted her book to reach across the continents right on time before the Eid Celebrations, so when it finally arrived, oh boy! I felt like a child again. I was the first one to receive it in Pakistan so I was very excited and my family was equally thrilled to see this wonderful book. Those of you, who are my daily loyal readers must know what book I am talking about. Yes, its the same book I discovered about in the month of January. It was the time when Hajera was in her pre-production phase, and working on raising funds at indiegogo platform,  for the production of her very first storybook. Alhamdulillah, The fund raising went fantastic and as you all can see now, she has Masha Allah, done it. And this makes me very proud of her.

This is my first pop-up book so when I opened it, I was completely mesmerized by the spectacular illustration work and the amazing pop-ups. Its one of those books that when it opens up, you begin to fall in.

One after another, as you turn the page,  wonderful creatures, places and things begin to pop-out.

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My mother’s favorite pop-up in the book is where the hands are making supplication. While mine most favorite pop-ups are the Ababeel, the birds who threw stones on the enemies, and the model of Kaaba. These are such beautifully made pop-ups that I just went crazy with joy when they popped out of the book like it is something that naturally happens.


This book is beautiful and beneficial in so many ways for everyone that I feel regardless of your age, you should definitely have a copy of this one with you.

If you have kids or someone you know has kids that you dearly adore, this is a perfect gift for them that is both fun and helpful in learning about Islam. As for me, I made a sentimental plan.

As soon as I had it in my hands, I knew what I wanted to do with it. Just the way I have saved so many things from my childhood to pass onto my future kids, this too, insha Allah, would be passed onto them. I know this sounds like a long term plan, but think of the good that would come out of it. This book, would become a beneficial and a priceless treasure.

But before that happens, I decided to share it with my family. My cousin Mehru couldn’t believe her eyes when I showed this book to her. For kids, its more like a magical experience when things begin to pop out of books and give them the 3D experience, they get super excited and can’t seem to let go of their object of awe.

Untitled Export2

We turned the pages together, again and again but still every time, the images and the story didn’t fail to amaze us. It’s like having your own special thing. Every kid wants it, and every adult in my family is certainly impressed by this book’s design which was a team effort. The team at Shade 7 has given us their best work and I pray May Allah reward everyone who was involved in the making of this book. The Special pop-up books production house in Malaysia where the book was printed and bound. The illustrators and the wonderful people who participated in this work, may you all succeed.

I wish Hajera, all the best for her future projects. I can’t wait to see her next book making its debut. The great thing about knowing her is that, she is the kind of person who gives you hope by her actions. Her thoughtful work has inspired hundreds of Muslim females across the world that wish to write, become an author or start a creative business. She has definitely given us hope in our own dreams and confidence to go ahead and work on it. Isn’t it wonderful to strive in the way of Allah through your work and career?

May Allah increase His blessings upon her and bless every Muslimah who wishes to make a difference in this world. In her own words, Hajera sums up how it feels like to be the author of such a noble storybook.

“I feel really blessed, humbled and very grateful to Allah swt for making these books reach people & places in the world I never imagined. My father always told me each book has someone’s name written on it and Allah swt would take care of it so I didn’t need to worry about this. Alhamdulillah, I just pray this venture continues to strengthen my emaan and the emaan of others to keep believing & benefiting the ummah IA”

If you already have this storybook, Congratulations, Your child has one of the best story books in the world. If you don’t have it yet, don’t worry, this book can be ordered online at Amazon anytime.

Or at shade 7’s website.  Feel free to go to their site, because the good news is, Shade 7 delivers worldwide.

Thank you for reading.



  • Syed Roshaan

    That looks wonderful really! Who doesn’t like big colourful books with POP UPS in them! Certainly reminds me of childhood! I really enjoyed reading this blog post! Very colourful and relaxing.

    • Khanum

      Thank you for reading, Roshaan. I’m glad you agree with me. I absolutely love the pop-ups in this book. That’s the main attraction in it I feel. Very creative.