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Walking through the Streets …2011, Turkey.

          Istanbul: This man with a pigeon sitting over his head is actually a fortune teller. In Pakistan, we have this tradition of working with a parrot. The bird selects a certain token, and the owner of the bird reads out the fortune for the customer. It was amusing to see the pigeon as an agent this time. Cute! and as my friend Tota Marie says,   “psychic pigeon“.

 Bursa: To see the women on streets , comfortably selling little pieces of jewellery and fruits and fabrics and Lord knows better what more, is really a wonder for the eye. We don’t have such things in Pakistan except in villages where women sell vegetables on Sundays. It all looked very friendly n’ fabulous to me.

Cappadocia:  Have a good Look at the man in the picture. There’s a Silent man behind another silent man. Can you notice him?

  • What a fascinating place! So colourful. Bythe way, I love your header imeage Pervisha. Did you design it yourself! So elegant!

    • Thanks Tien. it was such a pleasure to walk the streets in the morning. I terribly miss it.

      And thank you for admiring the header. Yes, its my work. initially designed it for school newsletter, then decided to use it for my blog.

  • Oh how lovely these pictures are. It makes me curious about Turkey. I like that women can be one the streets selling their goods. What a unique experience. And the man with the bird on his head, classic. I have heard of birds as fortune tellers, I think they do it in China as well.

    I’m with Tien, your new banner is lovely.

    • Do visit Turkey once in your life, D! My dream to be a nat geo culture explorer came true finally.
      And yes, this system of fortune telling exists in many countries. In India too, they have parrot like us Pakistanis. You know there’s a funny scandal of parrot fortune tellers between India and Pakistan. During the cricket world cup, an Indian parrot predicted that Pakistan’s team will win. The people of India ended up killing that parrot. HAHAHA!!! but sadly, the parrot died for nothing. We lost the bloody match.

      • Oh that poor parrot. I guess the people of India take that sort of fortune telling seriously there. Yikes, I’d hate to be a parrot there.

  • You’re back from Turkey! Welcome back, Pervisha. I see you’ve done a lot of street photography, and very good ones too!

    The first picture is funny.

  • Nice!

  • Abu-Baker

    Turkey a place where two continents meet a view and place to remember

    • Absolutely right. 🙂

  • Everything looks so alive and buzzing in the markets. I’m quite jealous way over here in Nebraska. Love the pigeon.

    • Thank You Dear. Good to see you. Where have you been all this time.

  • im feeling jealous :/ lol