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Want To Shed Some Weight & Shape Your Body? – Part 1

Warning: This is an extremely girly post so the male readers, must read at their own risk. I do not want to hear any “Ooo” or “Oww”. Though your opinions are welcomed. 

And yes everyone, Be not shocked because this is officially my first ever girly post on this blog. Rather congratulate me as for the first time ever, I am going to talk about, (not politics, philosophy, science, astronomy, photography, paintings, art, food or fiction. but)  HOW TO EMBRACE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FEMININE SIDE.

Why is that so, Khanum?

Because recently, I discovered a whole new world that made me realize , It’s time I stopped exploring books only and became interested in being a girl. Yup! I realized I am a girl.

Funny statement, isn’t it.

I mean, not in the literal sense, but I meant the feminine side. I realized am not just any girl. I’m actually quite the progressive one. And it all starts with you being confident enough to know yourself, embrace yourself and you’ll know you’re a beauty with brains. Many of us don’t even know what we are until we step up a little , know the girl within and empower ourselves. It’s like being a wildflower that takes its time to bloom. I’m still taking my time to progress and I am enjoying every day of it. Beauty should be embraced, it should be celebrated, cherished and understood.

Now you must say, have you gone mad, Pari? 

The answer is, Nope! 

Having the perfect body is the ultimate dream of every female. And many of us believe that “losing weight or starving yourself to death” is going to magically turn you into a swan. Well, I had never been into that, and if by any chance, I did try to diet at some points in my life, it all happened naturally Like those days when you are too preoccupied with either studies, work, presentations or stress that you simply forget to eat and become a skeleton.

And are skeletons pretty? Nope. You must have some curves. So before moving towards having the perfect body, you have to understand, what is it that you want to achieve, how would you like your body to be. Are you in need of extreme weight loss or your body require just a bit of attention and voila! 

Here are the step towards taking care of your body and shed wait accordingly.

Know your Body Shape.

What body shape are you? is the most basic question before you begin any weight loss activity or efforts towards shaping yourself. I personally had no idea what body shape am I until recently I decided to explore this subject. I did know a bit but I never focused my energies on that. I would hear my friends tell me about how they look, pear, square, this and that. But me? Oh. I was an idiot. However, it’s extremely important that you know your body shape. So once I knew about mine, there was no way that I was going to devalue myself. That’s right. This is what we do when we refuse to pray attention to ourselves in the name of “I’m too lazy for that” or “who cares”. That’s wrong attitude. Of course, You should care. So before you go on randomly deciding how to achieve perfect body, google body types and figure out what body shape are you. Apple, Pear, Rectangle, Slender, Hourglass, Triangle or whatever funny name they have given to more body shapes. It’s hilarious but that’s science. 

I’m not fat. I just have some fats

There’s a huge difference in the way you view yourself and assess your body condition. In my case, I used to believe am fat. Without giving any thought to the definition of this word. The moment you can’t fit into any dress anymore, you begin to curse yourself thinking you have become fat. When in fact it could be that you are just growing up? 

So First of all, you need you measure yourself and decide that are you really really fat or you just need to lose a bit of fats to shape your body. This is very easy to do. And no, I am not asking you to take votes on this. Don’t even dare ask anyone “am I fat or no”. That’s a sin. NEVER EVER ask anyone. 


The chances are that those who dislike you or have narrow view on beauty, would make you believe yes you are fat and throw you into depression. And those who are  immensely in love with you, would simply say, there’s nothing wrong with you. And you don’t want that. What you need is your own word on it, heartfelt,  honest, informed and personal take. Because at the end of the day, it’s your “yes” that would mean you are willing to be a part of this amazing adventure, this journey and do the hard work to take care of your body. The motivations, of course,  can come from external sources and give your “yes, I want to do this. I want to be more awesome” a boost. If you got motivation enough, I would say , just go ahead and know yourself.

And Once you have known your body shape, measured yourself and made a decision that you definitely want to do this. Here are some ways you can shed weight and shape your body.

1- Swimming

2- Exercise

3- Walk

4- Dieting

  •  Extreme and quick dieting way to shed weight 
  •  Normal diet / healthy food routine 

These are the ways which you have probably heard before. But I would share my own personal routines and take on this in the next post. It has done wonders for me and I have also learned by experimenting that which diet plan or weight loss method is good for your health to keep you shinning, which plan is the quickest, and which diet plan can make you sick. So you’ll have my honest opinions on this.

I am hungry for some ice cream right now. See you in the next part.

To be continued.

  • Syed Roshaan

    I like the approach here. It is about UNDERSTANDING your own body’s unique requirements (which can be different from the person who is giving you health advice) and focusing your ‘health chisel’ on that aspect of your body. What do you think most female members of our society AT LARGE need to do in order to REALIZE that maybe their eating habits are not the best for THEIR body? and also, what do you think is the role of the government in creating properly funded awareness programs?

    p.s. i can never get how someone can crave for ice cream to relinquish their hunger!

  • Liking this series. I love how you’ve started by establishing that one must acknowledge if THEY think they’re fat or not. One’s own opinion on oneself is more important than anyone else’s. Looking forward to more of your thoughts on the subject.