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The Weekend Banana Cake

..with grapes on top.

I call it the weekend cake, for a reason.

It requires good mood that you always get to have on weekends only. No work stress, no social commitments (for me at least) and absolutely no worry about running out of time. I baked this cake yesterday in the noon, decorated it in the evening, and photographed it today few mins earlier in the natural light, using my cell. And as I am typing this away, my family is busy licking the cream off their fingers. Did I mention I made the cream myself using butter for the cake topping?! Yum yum and voila!


Here’s the quick recipe that I would share. You can make it on Eid if you like, or whenever you find the courage and craving for baking. 

For the mixture, you need nearly 2 cups of Flour.

1 and a half cup sugar.

1 Half cup oil

2 eggs.

Half teaspoon Baking Powder

Half teaspoon salt

Half cup Milk & skills to make the batter. 

For the homemade whipped cream you need:

Homemade butter, icing sugar and few drops of milk. 

For decoration: Grapes that my mommy got from bazaar just in time.


How did I make it? 

Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. Beat the egg whites using electric egg beater for smoother result. Whip whip whip until they are like foam and even if you turn the bowl upside down, they shouldn’t fall out and stay firm. That’s how you check and rate your egg whites whipping. Here’s a short clip for my test and batter. I made 3 fantastic cakes with this much batter. 2 medium sized, and one small cake.

Add sugar in the egg whites and set aside. Now for the batter, add all the dry ingredients in one bowl, pour in the egg yolks, oil and milk and mix it together. Make sure to mix it well. Once done, gently add the egg whites into the mixture and fold rather than mixing. 

Oil the pans, pour the mixture into them and off they go to be baked into the oven. 

How do I know the cakes are ready?

There would be sweet aroma of the baked sponge cakes everywhere in your kitchen. Moreover, when you’ll touch the surface of the cake, it would be soft and bounce back. That’s how you know your sponge cake is ready.

How do I whip cream?

Using the same egg beater, beat the butter well. Add in sugar and milk. Your whipped cream is ready.

But where are the bananas in it?

I made the banana syrup filling for that. Cut 3 bananas into tiny pieces, add few drops of water, milk and 3 tablespoons of sugar into the pan and heat the mixture for few minutes. There you go, you have your banana filling. Set aside to cool down. Once the cake is ready to be decorated, make the cream border on the cake using piping bag, then fill the center of the cake with banana mixture. At the end, cover the entire cake with cream and decorate as you want. I used grapes for the final look.

Sweet! ^_^