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Where is your heart?

Sometime ago, I sat outside in the courtyard, looking up at the night sky. The stars are always beautiful, no matter how many times I turn to them, they are always there, and always magical. They make you feel like you’re young again, falling for love again– and turn you into this child, who knew no tomorrow.

It’s then, this magic of the stars that begin to make me feel nostalgic about the future. But isn’t that crazy, to feel that sentimental longing for a period that hasn’t yet come to pass? Please, don’t tell me… Have you never felt nostalgic about something that hasn’t even happened yet? It’s not possible, hardly probable, but yet possible– in the realm of heart. 

And here’s my strange nostalgia about the future that is yet to become the past. What if .. I’m that person who has everything in the future: Great career. Giant expensive telescope. A big library. A dream home. A dream life. A dreamy existence with travels around the globe executive style and everything a person ever aims for to acquire in world so he can be seen as successful. What if I am living this future tomorrow, but yet–despite of having all the big happy things, I am not happy because I had to give up something, to have this all? 

Imagine an alternate reality. Imagine yourself there, that you don’t have the great things you desired in life, You don’t have 6 figures salary. You don’t have a fab career. You don’t have enough to travel around the globe. but instead, you’re in possession of that “happy feeling”, still. You’re content. You’re home. Because you’re with the people you love and they love you back. 

Hard but innocent question. The little things that make you happy, what if you are given a choice in life to either have them, or have the big things by sacrificing the things you truly love, people you truly wanted. Which reality would you rather choose then?

To choose something big may be like, getting a magical ticket to travel the Universe and witness the Nabulae up close, but oh! wait … It has its downside. You get to see the stars, alone. Or with some aliens you don’t feel at home with.

The magic ends when you do realize, you won’t be complete. No one you love in “present” may not be there to share this beauty with you in that “tomorrow”. What good would that height be then. Or the parallel Universe that we all crave.  

I don’t know. I only wonder. 

But if you do know, then please choose wisely. For the home is, where your heart is.