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Winter Love and Cookies

The most beloved thing for the ladies at my home, in winter season, is to make comfort food to keep us nazuk generation warm. My mother knows I catch flu so easily, so to keep me healthy, she keeps coming up with healthy recipes. The way she makes Fish for us. The way my khala makes Dodhee (milk with khashkhaas, grinded rice, almonds and dry fruits) and the way we finish it all up in few minutes and burp like we just had milk like babies. This is what winter is all about at my home. Cooking. Love. more cooking, more love and lots and lots of baking. We love to bake cakes! We love to bake salty buns! And my mom loves to make cookies!  These pictures have the awesome cookies my mom made to keep my brain active. If you do alot of studies and reading, she said, these cookies are perfect for you to keep your brain from hurting and feeling you are running out of brain juice. Well done mommy! welldone! Once again, where would we be if not for our mom’s love?

To thank them back for their care, we in return try to follow TASTY one minute videos that have made our brains run on food all the time. I remember how my cousin brother bugged me all day last winter, to try this cheese potato paties. Ammi simply refused to enter the kitchen as she was tired. So, naturally, he and I took control of the kitchen and created a delicious mess. We had such a good time that day, me on the mashing potatoes task and him, cleaning dishes. As we grow older, we tend to grow apart from our loved ones. Cooking everyday turns into cooking together only once in a blue moon. My brother and I get little time to even make tea together because of our schedules, he is always out, studying, working on something and so. But there is something wonderful about winters. It brings you closer to the things and people you love. And I am expecting exactly that this season. 

I am hosting a lunch tomorrow, inshaAllah, for my family. It’s after a long time that I am doing every small task related to cooking on my own. The chicken has been bathed, pampered, and marinated. I prepared the mashed potatoes in advance. And hoping to prepare vegies in the morning. Be sure to stay tuned on my insta for the follow up. You and I need to get closer too. I miss you my readers. Thank you for reading me all these years, lovingly. 

I love you all bohat sara.

Now tell me, what is your comfort food or activity in winter?





  • I miss these sweet posts from you! Thank you for writing again. <3

    Those cookies look so delicious. Lucky you for having your mom near you to cook and bake for you and look after you, masha'Allah. Also kudos to you for taking beautiful pictures of the cookies.

    Most home-cooked meals are comfort food for me. However, during winter, I tend to favour soups and coffee (I'm otherwise a tea person).

    • Khanum

      Thank you so much, Nadia! M bringing myself back to my fun blog. It was and it is, and will always be my happy place. So no more commercialism here. Just anything from the heart. Exactly the way it used to be. <3