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Winter Solstice & a cupcake

December 22 , 2014. It’s Winter Solstice, everyone’s asleep at home but not me. And since there’s nothing you can do at night except sleep or watch TV, I decided to kill my boredom with some baking. And Guess what! Ah… I made a cupcake.

In the microwave…

with butter cream on top! 


It wasn’t easy getting out of the bed and go out into the cold though, as the kitchen is bit far from the living area. And with everything freezing outside, even the cats, you ought to think twice before jumping out.  

So In my defense,  I had 3 sweaters on, double pair of socks, double PJs , a muffler around the neck and not one but two scarfs over my head like a turban. I know,  it sounds crazy, but I have this trouble; I start sneezing the moment I step outside in winters and my nose gets cold.

Magical, isn’t it? 

Please enjoy the sight of this very lonely cupcake while I go to bed. I feel there’s something more that I could share with these images,  a poem i wrote few weeks back. I call it The cupcake poem …but never mind,  maybe later, I’m too sleepy right now


Stay warm in this cold world. Peace!


  • I wouldn’t ever think to make something so beautiful when I got up from sleep! How divine.

    • Khanum

      Thank you, Humrose

  • Only adhaan can pull me out from under the covers if it were that cold where I live 😀

    That looks very delicious!

    • Khanum

      Thank you Nadia, good to see you back. I missed you

  • Syed Roshaan

    omg wow! I want that cupcake !