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Welcome to Khanumsays, a cheerful and elegant Pakistan based photography and lifestyle blog that encompasses a wide range of subjects. The blog features love for arts, photography, food and exploration through the experiences of a young Pakistani female. If you are someone interested in promoting your brand, or looking forward to work with Khanumsays by availing my photography/writing/art/PR services to your best advantage, have a look at the following options. 

I collaborate, advertise, write for commissions, plus do sponsored posts and provide photography services on freelance basis.

Collaboration/PR services: I feel very happy and warm towards meaningful and productive collaborations. I can not only help you communicate your ideas, but I can also feature your product/services as well as provide a chance to be presented in public in the most natural and appealing way. Whether you are a travel agency, related to food business, restaurant, a local clothing brand, an educational institution, an entrepreneur or an independent client, any ideas for collaboration are more than welcome. 

Advertise: You can buy a specific space on my website (blog’s right sidebar or front page) to display your product or advert for fairly reasonable prices. Although I prefer that the payment is made in monetary terms, but I also accept payment in the form of gifts in some cases. 

Reviews: I review products/services and feature them on my blog. Only such products are reviewed and mentioned that appeal to me personally, and meet good standards.

Commissions: If the subject meets my standards, I write in exchange for commissions, either here or on any other website. I also do artwork for commissions and sell my photography prints. Please contact me via email to discuss details.

Photography: Product/services photography, and private bridal/couple shoots are my favorite. Even if you are someone with a specific budget, feel free to contact me and we can discuss marvelous ways we can make this work.  You can book my photography services by reaching me at reachme@khanumsays.com 

Your work proposals are welcome and attended to within a day. 

To get in touch: reachme@khanumsays.com