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Young & Hungry: Italian Fettuccine at Midnight

My mother says I’m a spoiled cookie monster. And I dare not disagree with her on this. When everyone sleeps at night, me and my heavily imaginative head begins to fantasize about cooking delicious food, roaming the little streets of Paris, or have a small cozy winter table somewhere with everything lavish on it and eat like no one’s watching. I’m a person like that. I’m in love with different cuisines. And I’m never going to get tired of blogging my kitchen experiences. I dream and I dream big with eyes wide open. So here’s what this cookie monster did last night. She got tired of listening the news about political chaos in Islamabad and pretended to be asleep like a good girl. Few minutes later, When I was sure everyone is sound asleep, I crept out of my bed, turned the little light on in the kitchen and sniffed out the pasta from the cabin that my mum had hidden earlier. What a silly thing to do, mom. You very well know I’m your next Julia childs in progress  and my skills at finding food at night are far better than a mere mouse. You can’t ban me or lock the kitchen.

I do not understand why do I always become romantic with pasta only at night, but this romance of mine has taught me how to do wonders in the world. I, now know, how to make pasta from the scratch.  I did this 2-3 years back in the middle of the night and the beautiful thing is, nobody remembers this now. So when some girl made pasta on MasterChef Pakistan from the scratch, my family wouldn’t stop praising her talent and reminding me I’m a girl, too, you know and they would want me to do the same.  “Hello? Excusee-mua! I know this too! I MADE pasta from the scratch, too! REMEMBER?!!” I cried out. And when they refused to believe me and laugh it off, I had to open my blog and show them the proof.


We have a saying in Urdu, Ghar ki murghi, daal barabar. In other words, it means, If you ain’t charging your family for the delicious food you make and let them eat after you’re done shooting it, then sweetheart, you’re making a huge mistake. Make them pay huge bills so they can remember what they ate. 😉

Since I have become so wise, I ate the Italian Fettuccine pasta I made last night alone. Here’s a quick recap of how I made it. Its so simple that you just need pictures to grab the recipe. Its my favorite thing to do. I gawk at the dish for so long until I have guessed the ingredients and its recipe right. Voila! It works every time! Alhamdulillah


I had this special and very beautiful Fettuccine Pasta in store. It comes in flower shapes. Just boil it.  Gently take it out & don’t For God’s sake, don’t! rinse it with water.

Fry the onions till its gorgeous brown, adding salt and black pepper. Plate the pasta flower, place the browned onions on top of it, and finally, garnish it with any sauce you like. I had left over sauce from the salad. The sauce that comes from Pizza hut so like I always, I improvised and used it to bring more taste in my dish.

And there you go, cookie monsters. Bon appetit ! 🙂




#1 : Never ever ever ever everrrr give up on any recipe if you haven’t gotten it right the first time. You learn by mistakes. I created this gorgeous dish after failing at making souffle the same night.

#2 : Always use salt when you’re boiling your pasta. If you don’t put salt in it, the pasta would come out flat in taste.


  • Kero

    oh to be young with fast metabolism! my waistline will add to me to the unforgiven list if i as much think of a recipe at midnight =)

    Pasta in tomato sauce is the first dish I learned to cook. I was 23 yay! And I remember cooking it everyday for my Grandfather until he has to discreetly beg my grandmother to come home (who was staying in the city for two months) because he can no longer face another pasta for supper. So I simply I moved on to making a creamy sauce and made my first carbonara. By then Grandpa will have none of it. But that’s how I caught my hsuband hahaha.

    Love the food styling dear. I also really like how simple the ingredients. It makes me appreciate the dish more. Sometimes pasta tend to be overloaded with herbs and sauce but I just want it nourishing.

    • Khanum

      Thank you so much for ur lovely comment Kero! And sharing your story. Your grandpa seems like a kind man for he at least ate your first time cooking which I am sure was better than mine.
      when I tried to feed the pasta to my cousin brother I made when I was like 17, my cousin brother vomited it out and my cat didn’t even taste it, she simply refused to get near the pasta after sniffing it one time. Lol.. It took me time to get better at making the right sauce for pasta and now I can manage it pretty decently. 🙂

  • The contestants at MasterChef are nothing compared to your creative imagination at whipping up easy (yet gourmet looking!) meals that seem so easy to make.

    PS: How will your family know your cooking prowess if you only enter the kitchen after midnight like a vampire?

    • Khanum

      Thank you Nadia, but I don’t think my family understands or values me. I can almost feel it sometimes, how they wish they had another child to make them proud in departments where I fail them .. 🙂

      Too bad, they are stuck with me and my shy cooking..

  • Londoneya

    WOW, that last photograph is INCREDIBLE! I thought it came out of a magazine! I have yet to conquer food photography. Bravo!

    • Khanum

      Thank you so much, Londoneya! Good to see you after so long at my blog. I hope things are good at your side?

      I got better at Food photography only because of my love for food and blogging, haha!